Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So thankful to have posts shared regularly by professionals.

My social media posts, and blogs posts, are frequently shared by mental health professionals. Which is am very thankful for.

My posts are frequently shared by Valeska Cosci, LCSW – Santa Monica Bilingual Psychotherapist, in her online news site. Continue reading

The pathological lying, of a narcissist, others are detecting.

narcissists lies

I heard today, I am being lied about, by a narcissist. One who borders on being a psychopath. I already knew this would be happening. I expected it because narcissists have patterns of disordered behaviours and are pathological liars. When their fragile, toxic ego is upset, they will do anything and everything to be divisive. Including all the lies they are able to tell, with no conscience, no remorse.

The interesting part is, the person involved being lied to, stated she caught the narcissist person out lying at least 3 times, during a conversation. So, it is interesting to see, that other people can indeed see and detect the lies, the drama, the manipulation going on.

Other people apparently, are being sucked into the narcissists web of lies. As happens. There have been lies about me, which I expected. And Continue reading


I’ve come to understand, just how dangerous ‘positive only thinking’, is.

It’s very much a society drive to only have positive thinking. It’s very new age, very unhealthy, and dangerous. I’ve always had un uneasy feeling, about this drive to only have positive thinking. It’s always been a red flag, to me.Now, I understand why.

When you have ‘only positive thinking’, and refuse to see the negatives/issues in people/situations, it becomes potentially dangerous. Because there are many people, with dangerous, unhealthy motivations and thinking.

To avoid the ‘red flags’ and cues for unhealthy people, is to enable the negative, which promotes more toxic and unhealthy behaviours. And that’s how people get harmed, get abused, get treated badly.

It may an ego trip for many, or an avoidance issue, or a coping strategy – to only focus on the positives in people, but it isn’t healthy, or dealing with truth or reality.

I see this is how abuse occurs. It’s why it occurs all too often in families, in churches, in workplaces etc. Anywhere. People avoid, ignore, justify etc, negatives/unhealthy issues in people. And that simply enables and encourages them. And to validate their own issues, they demand others are judgmental. Judgment has becomes the cop out excuse for anything said, that doesn’t fit with unhealthy people’s thinking. Not all negative views about people, is judgment. It can be discernment, if it comes from someone with the capacity to detect/see issues in people.

With church people, cognitive distortions are often wrongly coupled with this demand for those harmed to ‘just forgive/show mercy’ etc. That toxic demand makes the situation easier to deal with. If you place the shame onto the victim, it deals with the situation faster and easier. Shame shifting is commonplace in church/religious people. It is why I have no desire to get to know people at the church I attend.

This is how happens in many other areas of life too. And it’s dangerous and unhealthy, and continually encourages unhealthy, toxic people.

Some people choose to refuse to see the bad in people. Or in themselves. Continue reading