Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Arising situations, test and confirm growth.

I am not someone who believes ‘everything happens for a reason’. I don’t believe abuse happens for any good reason, than to harm someone. I don’t justify, rationalise harmful situations and people. I don’t apply those distorted thinking beliefs.

But, I do believe when situations arise, it can be an opportunity to reflect and consider what growth has occurred and what may still need working on. This requires self insight and self honesty.

Two recent situations, regarding starting to attend a new church and dealing with a disordered/toxic person, have given me opportunities, to reflect on how I have dealt with these situations.

This was discussed in counselling today. And confirmed my growth in how I deal with emotional issues, unhealthy people, building new friendships/relationships, discernment, self control, staying away from people who create chaos, healthier boundaries etc…. are all considerably strengthened.

Plus, I have a calmness, and a level of resilience, combined with the capacity to not take on board, or allow other people’s issues, to affect me.

It is as though I am proceeding through situations in a way that allows me to view it unemotionally, but with discernment and a sense of calmness, I have never known.

It feels safe, to build friendships slowly and carefully. And I have no desire to Continue reading

Surround yourself with…

surround yourself


Great advice. I have learned – it is pointless trying to explain your thoughts, to anyone who is committed to not listening. Some people don’t want to learn and grow. Some people don’t want to challenge themselves, or their thoughts. Some people don’t want to hear a different view. Some people chose not to have a path of self insight/self honesty. For a variety of reasons.

So, leave them to it. Their life is their responsibility only. Have needed Continue reading

No-one else is accountable for our own burdens.

Maturity, takes a path of self insight, personal growth and requires a real capacity for honesty. We cannot grow, or mature, until we are totally honest with ourselves.

I am blessed with a counsellor, who has stated my capacity for self honesty, is rare and a breath of fresh air. It made me realise, why I am different to many. Because self honesty and self insight, are not common.

It is simply my life and all I have experienced, the honesty I needed to survive all I have, that has created the person I am.

I spent a long time, searching for people who would fill the void where a loving, safe family, should have been. I don’t anymore. I realised no-one else can or should, fill that void. Continue reading