Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Sincerity matters to me.

I am picky now, when it comes to people. I now trust my discernment and I have much healthier boundaries.

I choose not to waste my energy on people who cannot be sincere and honest, especially when it comes to own self. I see through people’s masks. I see the real motivations. I see dishonesty, in all it’s many forms.


I have tolerated a lot of unhealthy and toxic behaviour, in my life. Now, I don’t. Continue reading


When people use narcissists, for their own self serving needs.

I’ve seen this occur recently and it is something that I cannot do. I have more integrity and conscience, than to use someone’s narcissism, to my advantage.

It has been an interesting time, sitting back and watching how people behave. Having come to know someone is clearly a narcissist, I’ve watched some of the people around her, and their own self serving behaviours.

This particular narcissist, wants to be in full control of a group of people, and it really is a circus type situation, with the narc as the ring master and the monkeys all around.

Some said monkeys are happy to allow the narc to be in control, because it suits them to not have to organise things in the group. So despite knowing the narc is a liar and deeply selfish and harmful, they are allowing her  control issues to continue in her ringmaster role…. for as long as it suits them. They don’t like her and simply tolerate her, for their own needs. Which is also narcissism. Of course, they justify and rationalise it, but I see straight through that.

It’s like narcissistic people, using other narcissistic people. And none have any integrity to what is right, what is healthy. They are just all self serving and doing what’s best for themselves.

I have far too much integrity to participate in this. I won’t use a narc for my own advantage – even though I easily could if I wanted.

It is isn’t in the narcs best interests, to use them…. and in the process enable them and condone their behaviour. So, the reality is, I actually have more compassion for the narc in not using them for my own needs, than those who are. Continue reading