Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Decluttering my home, ready for a more organised 2016 :)

I’ve had more energy over the last month, which I think is a result of…  having processed so much in 2015 and the intense grieving starting to get easier. Combined with medication that helps me sleep, has stopped the hives, reduced physical pain and is a mild anti-depressant.

I’ve been de-cluttering my home over the week. Organising everything and giving the house a spring clean along the way.

Fullscreen capture 30122015 32344 PM.jpg

It has made me realise how un-organised my husband is. He is a ‘shove it somewhere, anywhere, out of sight – out of mind’ type. No organisation. He can never find anything he needs.

So now I have more energy, it’s back to me being the organised one. I’m taking control of our finances – to get them back to a reasonable state again. I’m organising the kids stuff. Moving things about to more appropriate places. Giving everything a place – so there’s no excuses to not put things where they should be. Cleaning out cupboards, chucking stuff out that is not being used. Donating some of the better stuff.

I’ve involved my boys and husband in this process, so they can see what organisation looks like, and they know where everything goes. Continue reading


Loving the results, of all the effort :)

My gardens are looking so beautiful. They are worth all the effort. They have been cared for, fed with what they need, maintained and loved.

It all takes continual effort, learning what is needed, seeing how different plants need different care. And how continual love and attention, brings beautiful results.

I see the similarities to caring for self and others.