Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Yes, I validate the suffering caused by toxic, disordered people.

My Complex PTSD and PTSD, were caused by severe and ongoing trauma, severe abuse (of every kind) and neglect, throughout my entire childhood, by highly disordered people, who fit on the narcissism/ sociopath/ psychopath spectrum.

These people were ruthless, unrelenting, cold, calculating people… causing abuse they knew was wrong, because they all threatened me into silence and did it behind closed doors. This being clear evidence of their abuse being conscious, pre-meditated, deliberate, intentional harm…. and they knew it was wrong. They weren’t unaware of their abuse. They absolutely knew. And they did it anyway. And I know this is sadly the same situation, for many other survivors of abuse.

Complex PTSD is caused by ongoing interpersonal trauma – ongoing abuse caused by people. PTSD can be caused by interpersonal trauma too, but can also be caused by non interpersonal trauma.

So, when I write and post about the devastating, life impacting, horrendous complex trauma, abuse and suffering those on the narcissist/psychopath etc spectrum cause, I’m doing so, to validate and support those who have endured this ongoing and horrendous abuse. And the life impacting and often lifelong consequences of it.

I write, because I realised due to feedback, I have a way of writing that is relatable and can express things many can’t.

But, people should note, I never speak of….. revenge, retaliation, wanting people to suffer back etc. I don’t believe in karma, nor do I want karma to occur. So, I do not post about these highly abusive people simply to bash them, or hate on them, or condemn them,  or to condone any form of abuse/harm back to them. I’ve always known all these are wrong too. And I’ve never wanted any of them. And I don’t condone, or encourage them, in any way.

I write about these highly abusive people, to support the survivors. Because they did not have a choice, or deserve the abuse. To validate the survivor’s pain and suffering. To give hope that someone understands, to give hope about the healing process. Not simply to bash abusers.

I write about toxic abusive people, to raise awareness of these types of people, so others may spot the signs and not be hurt as badly as I was. Society needs to know these people exist and in greater numbers than is generally known. Only education, helps manage and deal with issues and only education can help reduce the abuse caused.

I write, to speak the truth about the pain and suffering abusive people cause. And how it can often be very intentional and conscious abuse. Continue reading


The Evil 8 & Nafarious 15 – Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil “Life Code” From his book ‘Life Code’.

Evil 8 (signs)
1.) Arrogant Entitlement
2.) Lack of Empathy
3.) No Remorse
4.) Irresponsible/Self-Destructive
5.) Thrive on Drama
6.) Brag about Outsmarting
7.) Short-Term Relationships
8.) Fantasy World/Delusional

Nefarious 15 (More Signs)
1.) Infiltrate your life
2.) Create Conspiratorial Conflict
3.) Depend on Approval
4.) Build a file
5.) Misdirect and Obfuscate (Obfuscation (or beclouding) is the hiding of intended meaning in communication, making communication confusing, wilfully ambiguous, and harder to interpret.)
6.) Blame Others
7.) Lie Continue reading