Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


There is such freedom, in not taking other people’s issues, personally.

nothing personally


I am at that stage in my healing, maturity and growth, I absolutely know – other people’s issues, are nothing to do with me.

I no longer see other people’s issues as a reflection of me. They are only a reflection of themselves.

I no longer absorb them.

I no longer blame myself. Or allow people to blame me for their own issues.

I no longer feel responsible for helping other people fix their issues. I leave that all to them.

I no longer feel I need to endure their issues, as I was trained to in childhood. I now know, I do not have to tolerate them. And enabling them – is unwise and does not benefit anyone.

I totally recognise, other people’s issues, in all their many forms – are Continue reading

Why narcissists, love people pleasers.


I hope this post raises awareness of the unhealthy relationship that too often occurs between narcissists and people pleasers.

Being a former people pleaser myself, and having been raised by toxic people, I have been targeted by narcissistic types, all too often.

Now, I have stronger boundaries, do not ‘need’ people, do not tolerate ongoing toxic/disordered behaviours/people.

I have deep discernment into narcissistic people, their traits, their behaviours, their motivation. I learned this young and developed vigilance and discernment as a child. Which is now a skillset that I know and see is uncommon.

I was recently targeted by a female narcissist, and I did discern this quickly. I asked my therapist about this persons behaviours and discussed it at length. It was confirmed to me, I had indeed discerned and worked out this person was someone who would no doubt, meet all the criteria of narcissistic personality disorder. And I can see exactly why I was targeted. My empathy, Continue reading