Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Being real, is being honest. I don’t like fake.

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For a long time, I have been aware of the falseness of the ‘positivity fountains’, who demand we all do the same. It basically promotes being fake. And I don’t do fake.

I would rather someone tell me all their problems and be honest, than fake a smile and fake being positive.

A lot of advice is given about only being around ‘positive people’. And this advice is given by many mental health professionals. Yet, it promotes the very thing I hate – being fake.

Most people have some level of shit going on. Yet fake smiles, fake words, fake their life on social media.

And when you fake positivity, you are not dealing with the issues you have, and worse, you are never dealing with the reasons for those issues. So, it is such a hypocritical statement for mental health professionals to make ‘be around positive people only’. So all of those being real, who have issues and are not faking a smile, get ignored.

And I’m not suggesting we walk around in tears telling every person we come across our woes. I mean those who are friends and loved ones.

I don’t like fake. It’s dishonesty at it’s root. I don’t like dishonesty. And I can often work out those who are faking it.

And it promotes shame in people who think they have to fake being positive and can’t maintain it. They feel like failures and shamed by the positivity fountains.

People say being positive is strength, and shame people who are not positive. They shame people for being real and honest, whilst being fake and dishonest. Bizarre. Continue reading