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Petition, to stop ‘legal rape’ promoter group.


Words fail me as to describing just how abhorrent this group are.

They want to legalise rape on private property. They promote how to be predators. They promote enjoying violence against women.

What’s worse than knowing this group exists, is knowing they have many followers, a worldwide audience and there are many people agree and want this also.

They have booked ‘meetings’ in 44 countries, worldwide.

I’m sure there will be many ‘excuses’ made for these men promoting this. No doubt their childhood will be assumed to be inadequate/abusive, assumptions as to their possible mental illness, blamed. These will be given as the reasons why these men want to cause so much suffering to women. These will be the excuses given, to make these men seem less bad than they are. To somehow rationalise they are unable to see their actions are abhorrent.

I don’t want to hear the excuses. I’m over hearing excuses.

What these men are doing is evil. I’m not minimizing the abhorrence of the minds/souls of these men. It is evil and they are promoting evil.

And I agree with this petition, that this should be considered a hate crime and they should be arrested, convicted and jailed for hate crimes. Continue reading