Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

A sense of humour, helps…. a parenting with PTSD nightmare!

parenting recorder.jpg


Having PTSD, means I have noise sensitivity issues. I struggle with high pitched, repetitive & competing noise. It worsens throughout the day, and on bad days, this sensitivity, is severe.

Being a parent with PTSD, is not easy at all. Being a parent itself, is a tough gig for anyone. Having PTSD makes it harder. But, I manage it well and know when I am becoming overwhelmed and how to manage all the symptoms and stress.

I have never liked recorders. They have a horrible pitch/noise and listening to children attempting to play them and constantly making mistakes……. is a PTSD noise sensitivity nightmare!

I posted this meme to my personal facebook and a mother I know from my 6 year olds school, responded to say the kids leave the recorders in school. I replied “thank God for that, I hate recorders!”.

I forget sometimes, just how hard a gig parenting with PTSD is. I should give myself more self compassion about this. I am too hard on myself I think, when it comes to parenting, Continue reading

Made me giggle… at least some people ‘get’ Chopra.

chopra BS book

I do find it sad, the amount of people who fall for the BS, spouted by people like Chopra. And even worse, how many raise his needy ego, right up on the pedestal where he wants to be placed.

The power of rational thought, critical thinking/analysis and wisdom, eludes many. Which is sad. But, I have to admit, this book title, did make me giggle. I am glad some people know exactly what people like Chopra, are really all about.

Of course, those who wish to be duped by Chopra, will not find this amusing and that’s okay. We are all at our own level of consciousness and understanding. Sadly though, Chopra attracts to him – people like him.

I have had my understanding of how unwise and irrational Chopra is, in counselling. So, I was glad to have that validated as correct. Continue reading

My ladies group, is going well :)

I decided to set up a ladies group, to meet up for coffee. I am hoping it will be a group where women will have some enjoyment, chatting and possibly making friends. It’s going really well. I’ve arranged two so far, and both have been really great, with a good vibe and good feedback. I can already tell which ladies will become the regular core group ladies.

Some of the ladies are quiet and some are really chatty, which is great, because I don’t feel the need to always keep talking, or be responsible for starting conversation. Which helps with my social anxiety issues. I’m really grateful for the diversity of the group. Continue reading