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The grenade, my counsellor decided to throw in…

I went to counselling today. I shouldn’t have gone. But, I did.

The whole ‘mental illness is the dark side’ issue was discussed. She gave an explanation that I don’t trust to be the truth. I think she believes I am demonic, she just doesn’t say that to me, because counsellors probably aren’t allowed to say that.

I know I’m not demonic and I don’t give a fuck what she thinks of me anymore. I’m aware how abusive church people can be.

But, it was interesting what she decided to raise…… when she knew I was already really upset and struggling. And I had told her I was having suicide ideation.

She decided to tell me paedophiles can love their own children – in the context of ‘bad people do good’. This was her choice, to defend paedophiles. Wow. It was like a grenade she threw in, just to finish me off.

She knew this would be a  huge trigger and would be way too upsetting to discuss, when I’m already in a highly emotional state.

I think she did it intentionally, to upset and trigger me.

No-one is that stupid, to raise that conversation at a time when a victim of paedophile abuse – is already struggling and suicidal. She knows the reaction that would create.

Maybe she just wants to push me over the edge. Maybe she was pissed off at me challenging her and she wanted her revenge. Continue reading


Simon Buckden – 16 months jail time for faking Cancer, PTSD, Combat & Being in SAS, Exploited Thousands of People


****GUILTY of faking cancer and PTSD and being in combat and being in SAS.***

Simon Buckden pleaded guilty

in court – to fraud based on

faking all the above.

Sentenced 16 months jail time

“Det Ch Insp Mark Swift, who led the investigation, said: “He lied repeatedly, not only to those closest to him but to genuine survivors of trauma and also to the media and the wider public through the extensive publicity he sought to satisfy his own self-importance.”





 Interview About Buckden Highlighting He Is A Sociopath



Please note, as this article is doing the rounds again as people do google searches and see this article…..

This being due to the court hearing starting 31st October 2016 – note Bucken has a new female victim (I truly hope she finds out the truth about him) – he is parading on his Instagram account – where he is also still lying about having PTSD … although no mention of cancer or his ‘combat heroics’

See at https://www.instagram.com/ultrarunnersimon/

Court Hearing News Articles….




Pic of him wearing fake medals,

claiming to have been in combat

and the SAS.





I hate seeing people lied to, manipulated, exploited, by sociopaths.

(Info about sociopaths – http://www.healthyplace.com/personality-disorders/sociopath/sociopath-definition-extremely-antisocial-no-conscience/ ).

Simon Buckden, on 22nd Feb 2016, in court, admitted to lying about having terminal cancer & PTSD, but used the excuse he now has Munchausen Syndrome.

He was very upset the judge would not accept guilty on all charges based upon this new (fake) illness. But, anyone with any intelligence would know a judge is not going to accept his new ‘diagnosis’ without proof.

The judge has ordered he be evaluated by an expert in fraud and the case was adjourned until Oct. Bucken was not happy about that, at all. And it shows he does not have enough evidence to refute the 7 fraud charges, if he wanted to plead guilty but with Munchausens.

Buckden has lied for decades, faked many illnesses, de-frauded people out of money, abused people, abused both his ex partners, lied about being in combat, trolls people on social media, and threatens people continually. His own brother has confirmed he was sociopathic as a child. And he was not abused as a child, as he lies about.

He meets all the criteria for Sociopath. He has no remorse, no conscience, no empathy, no guilt and no shame. He is pathological liar, who accuses everyone else, of what he is himself.

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