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Simon Buckden – 16 months jail time for faking Cancer, PTSD, Combat & Being in SAS, Exploited Thousands of People



****GUILTY of faking cancer and PTSD and being in combat and being in SAS.***

Simon Buckden pleaded guilty

in court – to fraud based on

faking all the above.

Sentenced 16 months jail time

“Det Ch Insp Mark Swift, who led the investigation, said: “He lied repeatedly, not only to those closest to him but to genuine survivors of trauma and also to the media and the wider public through the extensive publicity he sought to satisfy his own self-importance.”





 Interview About Buckden Highlighting He Is A Sociopath



Please note, as this article is doing the rounds again as people do google searches and see this article…..

This being due to the court hearing starting 31st October 2016 – note Bucken has a new female victim (I truly hope she finds out the truth about him) – he is parading on his Instagram account – where he is also still lying about having PTSD … although no mention of cancer or his ‘combat heroics’

See at https://www.instagram.com/ultrarunnersimon/

Court Hearing News Articles….




Pic of him wearing fake medals,

claiming to have been in combat

and the SAS.





I hate seeing people lied to, manipulated, exploited, by sociopaths.

(Info about sociopaths – http://www.healthyplace.com/personality-disorders/sociopath/sociopath-definition-extremely-antisocial-no-conscience/ ).

Simon Buckden, on 22nd Feb 2016, in court, admitted to lying about having terminal cancer & PTSD, but used the excuse he now has Munchausen Syndrome.

He was very upset the judge would not accept guilty on all charges based upon this new (fake) illness. But, anyone with any intelligence would know a judge is not going to accept his new ‘diagnosis’ without proof.

The judge has ordered he be evaluated by an expert in fraud and the case was adjourned until Oct. Bucken was not happy about that, at all. And it shows he does not have enough evidence to refute the 7 fraud charges, if he wanted to plead guilty but with Munchausens.

Buckden has lied for decades, faked many illnesses, de-frauded people out of money, abused people, abused both his ex partners, lied about being in combat, trolls people on social media, and threatens people continually. His own brother has confirmed he was sociopathic as a child. And he was not abused as a child, as he lies about.

He meets all the criteria for Sociopath. He has no remorse, no conscience, no empathy, no guilt and no shame. He is pathological liar, who accuses everyone else, of what he is himself.

I care about people not being duped and conned. I care about people being abused and threatened by him. It takes a strong person to stand up to sociopaths, but I do, because people matter. I cannot just ignore it.

I will stand up and voice what is happening, as I know it will help some people to not get conned, abused and hurt by him.

I have integrity and a conscience, and I cannot ignore other people getting harmed, so it is worth the effort to inform people. I know I have done my part.

His many threats to me, don’t scare me at all. I’ve dealt with far worse than him in my life, and survived.

His Twitter accounts are

https://twitter.com/simonabuckden (Since this blog post started circulating social media, he has deactivated this account. But, he’ll be back).

His website is @ http://simonbuckden.com/

He also has various other social media.

For more info about Buckden stating he had cancer, see this Twitter account https://twitter.com/BuckdenInfo

If anyone wishes to contact me about Buckden, you can contact me privately @ healingcomplexptsd@outlook.com

Since posting, this blog has been viewed over 1000 times, as at 1st March 2016.

The blog is travelling Twitter, Facebook, and throughout social media for both the PTSD community and the Running/Marathon community.

I am thankful for everyone who has re-blogged, linked, shared this blog. This helps less people get conned, abused and lied to, by this man who has admitted he faked having cancer and PTSD.

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I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

26 thoughts on “Simon Buckden – 16 months jail time for faking Cancer, PTSD, Combat & Being in SAS, Exploited Thousands of People

  1. Thanks so much for posting this, I just became involved in this conman’s writings, and believed him along with others. To actually admit publicly that his whole scheme was a pack of lies, yet have a Twitter account and website with followers praising him for his dedication and an advocate for mental illness/ptsd.

    Lying about having a mental illness, well, he’s a sociopath, but PTSD; inexcusable. Now Munchausen Syndrome, what next, Shingles, broken leg?

    • Yes, his new illness, is his excuse now for faking PTSD, faking Cancer, faking eating disorders.
      He once claimed to be in the SAS and that was where his PTSD was from. Then he got arrested and he stopped telling everyone that, because he was lying about that too.
      He is a sick, dangerous man.
      I’m glad to let people know about him, and hopefully stop some people being conned.

  2. He will do anything, anything but admit he is guilty – it must be some illness right, its not his fault it is because he is ill?


    People who follow him on twitter need to understand just how dangerous he is. Everyone he has met in person – not online – he has fallen out with -everyone eventually, not just some, ALL of them in his life, because he uses people and lies to them.

    He has no support, no actual friends and hence he lives his entire life on social media – he even fell out with his own solicitors just days before his trial. He is a very clever conman. Just google “Simon Buckden Cancer” – then try to find any mention of him having ‘terminal cancer’ on his social media, when did that all change? The day he was arrested. No previous mentions of PTSD caused by child abuse, it was all war related right up to until one day last year, which day – you guessed it, the day he was arrested.

    You want to be friends with someone who lies about having Cancer on twitter – and you believe the story of someone who would do that says? Wise up people.

    Why suddenly was he a victim of emotional abuse? Oh yes because he has been physically violent towards all women he has ever been in relationships with. Fortunately now they all have started to come forward and speak to the Police.

    Strangely he doesn’t seem to have posted about his new found diagnosis (announced on the day of his trial) of Muchasens on his social media feed – which only further boosts the case for the prosecution. He can’t admit it on social media for obvious reasons.

    Him standing up in court and admitting all his medical claims are bullshit (by doing what he always does when backed into a corner – making up an illness) means only one thing is coming his way, the one thing he is totally shit scared off. Its happening and there are no more illness to be made, no more people to con money out of, the judge didn’t buy it and no jury in the land will either. There is no mental health condition which means you do not know right from wrong and hence he will receive justice At least next Christmas he wont be on his own, he will be able to spend it with his cell mate, and deservedly so.

    And the great thing is – if he had pleaded guilty a year ago, he’d have done community service and this would all be long behind him now. Its his own ego and actions that have brought him to this point.

    Anonymously posted as I know how dangerous he is.

  3. Reblogged this on living in stigma and commented:
    I posted an article last week that has been ‘trashed’ called “PTSD or PTI? Does “Disorder” mean stigma?. It seems I was conned by this person into believing him also. Imagine using one’s illness for fame and money, especially mental illness and PTSD, all I can say is this person is a sociopath. I am so pleased that this important post was written.

  4. I had no idea that the court case had taken place already. I thought it was mid March. I haven’t seen anything in the papers even national ones. This cruel monster is still I assume able to stalk others whilst awaiting trial in October? It’s good to hear his brother has come forward to add evidence that he is a sociopath. His siblings are nothing like him. I wonder if his sister Will give evidence against him as she was always in the middle of family rows. I contacted Leeds Police last year and gave a statement, however they never contacted me again to talk further about the mental and physical abuse he made me suffer during my 2 year marriage to him. I assume they felt it not fallible enough for the case. I do hope he gets what he truly deserves

    • Hi I seriously hope this vile individual gets what he deserves and that is too rot !. I heard all about you well I should say his distorted made up view. I got dragged into his world unwittingly luckily not romantically around the time his marathon runs etc started . I know two of his ex partners well and I am close too one. He is a sociopath , bully and compulsive liar. He tried to bully me via email/text when I saw through him and his lies! He picked the wrong person I fought back and never heard from him again thankfully. I have been informed by a friend that he is carrying on his lies in Spain at present!. I hope others can see through him to protect themselves. People seriously need to steer clear .

      • I have had so many people contact me about him. Including an ex partner and ex wife. He’s lied to everyone and has admitted he never had cancer or PTSD. Now trying to use the excuse on Munchausen. He is a sociopathic bully and has harmed, exploited and abused many.
        He hates me, because I worked him out fast and exposed him.
        Please feel free to share the blogs about him.
        I hope more people start to understand what he really is.

  5. It’s sad that he’s lied so much.
    His poor Mother has been seen as an abuser for years and she didn’t do anything wrong
    I’ve known him since we was kids and even though I knew something wasn’t right about him I never had him down as someone who would go to these lengths to get what he wants
    I feel for all the people he’s fallen out with and slandered them all over facebook

    • He is sociopathic in his abuse, stalking, lying.

      He’s harmed many people, including his ex-wife, 2 of his partners, and many people he has lied, manipulated and abused. This has been going on for decades,

      It doesn’t surprise me that he blames his mother and paints her as an abuser. He claims everyone is an abuser. All he does, is project everything that he is.

      He’s a vile person who needs locking up.

      Hopefully, when it comes to his court healing, they will have figured out he is also lying about having Munchausens.

      • I hope your right about his court case because he needs to face justice for what he’s done

  6. He is a hideous creature – only took part in marathons to boast and brag and steal the charity money – he had no interest in helping ANY charity – it was all self promotion.
    The running world got tricked and duped. Beware most of these runners obsessed with doing loads of marathons saying they want to help a charity – some are indeed genuine like Ben doing the 401 challenge – but most are just damaged attention seekers who just want to become celebrities and become “facebook famous”, bragging endlessly and wanting people to tell them they are awesome.
    It might sound bad, but I really hope this nasty lying animal really DOES get cancer now – it is unforgiveable to lie about this, on top of stealing money given to charity.

  7. I was on a ptsd site where Simon was running to raise awareness for ptsd and I feel a lot of people were taken in by him. What a horrible human being.
    So many people suffer the illnesses he pretended to have and they are the people who needed help. Yes he turned on me as an administrator in the sitem with him, wherever i started to question him

    • I am sorry you too were affected by Buckden. He has hurt so many people and he will continue to, unless he is stopped.
      I have so many people contact me, including 3 ex partners, who all stated he was abusive to them and faked having bowel cancer to them all. That’s going back to the year 2000.
      He is a sociopath and a disgusting vile person.

  8. He was in leeds crown court at the beginning Sept 2016 according to Twitter but I can’t see anything about what happenedwhen he appeared

  9. Simon Buckden Sentencing October 31st, case reference T20150414 @ Leeds Crown Court. Don’t know what time at yet

  10. I gave my story for his book. I never did see the book. It was quite traumatic reliving my story but thought it would help and raise funds. I probably donated too. What an ass.
    I stopped following his page when he didn’t like anyone having a different opinion. He started saying his partner had abused him,slagging her off. Which I found hard to believe as she was so nice and supportive to him. I even gave him details of top radio person who wanted to talk to him about his book and ptsd.Found it very odd as he made excuses not to talk to her. Most people with a new book would have jumped for the publicity to talk about ptsd. Now I know why.

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  13. Knew this creature from various fora he owned many years ago . A nasty little man who couldn’t hold himself back from bullying other members and eventually closed the forum I was a member of down because he’d basically alienated everyone on it and blatantly lied about himself and other members.
    A vile creature who is still smelling of roses, he deserves far more than the pittance of time the judge gave him.

    • I agree – he deserves a decade in prison for all has done to harm so many people. 4 ex partners were abused by him. He has trolled and threatened many online, including me.
      He is a sociopath, a pathological liar and highly dangerous.
      I wish people like him, did not exist.

  14. Is this freak out of jail yet? If he got 16 months will likely only have served 8.
    Watch him do a come back, like Mike Buss has done. Some people have no shame. Both lying con men.