Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Lots more of my work, is going into Shahida Arabi’s book!

Wow! I just had the draft from Shahida, of all my work I have written, that she would like to include in her new book. And it’s lots more than I realised. Shahida is including extracts from other blogs I have written and details about my website, plus a bio about me etc.

I’m so deeply honoured, that she would want to include so much of my work.

I sat in tears reading all she wishes to include in her book. See this link for her book, my work will be included in….


So deeply thankful to Shahida. Considering she is a best selling author already, I am so grateful to her, to consider my work good enough to want some of it in her book. And more than she originally asked for. Continue reading


My children are my everything.

I had a terrible day yesterday. It was painful to a depth I cannot explain.

Then my children came home from school, and my 7 year old, gave me these. He had written them in school. He has never written notes like this in school to bring home. This was a first.



After I gave him cuddles and thanked him for how lovely and special they are, whilst trying to choke back tears…. he went and put the notes on my bedside drawers, so I would see them when I went to bed.


Such a beautiful little soul ❤ Continue reading


More betrayal, more grieving, more pain

I don’t have words to adequately describe how much pain I feel. On top of everything else I am grieving and feel pain about, I now have more.


I’m aware some people won’t understand how I can be in so much pain over the loss of my counselling relationship, but it’s beyond painful. Especially the way it has ended. Especially what she chose to say, knowing how much it would hurt me, at the worst time.

Even my husband is shocked she hasn’t followed up to check if I’m okay. I’m quite sure she would have a duty of care to check on someone suicidal. She knows I am suicidal. She could have contacted my husband to check I’m okay. She could have emailed me. But, nothing. She clearly couldn’t care less if she pushed me over the edge. Maybe that’s exactly what she wants. Continue reading