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Poem – Alone, But It’s Okay ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


 Poem – Alone, But It’s Okay 

by Lilly Hope Lucario


I’ve been alone

Since I ever remember

No-one to care

No-one to trust

No-one to rely on


Alone as a child

Alone as an adult

Alone in a crowd

Alone in a marriage

Always alone


It’s meant to be

And I am used to it

It’s not new

It’s my normal Continue reading


People who tell half the story, to cover their arse.

I’ve seen this so many times. People who are selective about which parts of a situation they own up to. People who deliberately avoid speaking about their actions that really caused harm.

hidden truths.jpg

Telling half a story and avoiding the parts that show you are in the wrong and hurt someone badly, is lying.

It’s dishonesty.

It’s a lack of courage.

It’s a lack of integrity.

It’s manipulating the truth, to cover your arse.

It’s manipulating the truth, to avoid responsibility and accountability.

It’s pathetic.

I don’t trust such people and people who engage in this behaviour, often show their true colours when pushed. Continue reading