Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

My ladies group is going well.

My ladies group is going well, with great attendance and good conversation. I like hearing about their lives, their interests, their life experiences.

I am aware I am not forthcoming about my own life. I give very little away. I’m aware how unsafe it is, to talk about my life. All they know, is I am a mother of 2 boys, married to a cop and I don’t work. I’ve talked about places I’ve visited, like Paris, Caribbean. But, I do not venture anywhere near my trauma related stuff.

I don’t think I will ever divulge any of my trauma related stuff, again. The subject of PTSD came up in relation to one women’s relative having it. I could have jumped straight into that conversation with all my PTSD knowledge. But, I didn’t. I have no desire to tell anyone about my health, my past, or the issues I still endure. In fact, as it was being talked about, I remained silent.

I’ve learned my lesson about telling anyone about having PTSD or why. I think this is a closed subject now with people. I think it will be a part of me that will remain shut down permanently. Being open about it, never leads to anything good.

I’ve noticed those who are very open about their lives. I’ve noticed who talks too openly and those who are more reserved. I’ve noticed who is positive, who isn’t. I’ve noticed who can chat easily and who can’t. I notice it all. Continue reading

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This is why I reach out to others.

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This was tweeted today, and is an example of why I do this. Why I share my journey with others, why I write and post and have a website.

People see I understand. And understand what most people don’t. They see I can express the deeper aspects of this journey. Were people read about my journey and they then can understand themselves better. They understand my empathy for others. They see I have a level of honesty and integrity that makes them feel safe. And trust and safety are huge issues for us. Continue reading