Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Avoiding ignorance, lack of empathy/insight = Self Care

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This is something I have learned the hard way.

People’s ‘opinions’ and ‘advice’ are often wrong, harmful and shame complex trauma survivors.

I learned to have better emotional boundaries, as a result of being re-traumatised, shamed and hurt, by people who know little about trauma, yet consider themselves to have a valid opinion. Continue reading

So glad to see Pell & the Catholic Church being slammed.

I am so glad to see society react to the disgusting attitude shown at the Royal Commission by paedophile enabler/protector – Cardinal Pell.


It is bizarre to me that anyone would consider these vile men, as Christians.

This is true psychopath behaviour and thinking…… no empathy, no remorse, no conscience, no guilt, no shame, no regard for human suffering. Allowing innocent people to be hurt, doing nothing to stop it, in fact encouraging it and protecting the paedophiles. And instructing lawyers to treat the victims really badly, as Pell had to admit, the last time he appeared at the Royal Commission.

The victims and their families, need and deserve public outrage. Continue reading

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Emotional Breakthrough, Not Breakdown

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Wise words by Jeff Brown

“There is a meaningful difference between a nervous breakthrough and a nervous breakdown. A breakdown stops partway- the emotional material emerges, but it gets capped before it can see its way through to release and resolution. A nervous breakthrough goes all the way through the transformation tunnel. It is a profound emotional cleansing, a collapse of the false structures that have ruled our lives, a breaking through to a more genuine state of consciousness. Although a deep surrender to our emotional processes is shunned by society at large, it is actually a sign of great courage. What seems like weakness to a survivalist is actually a sign of strength to a spiritual warrior who longs to be authentic at all costs…”

I understand this fully. This emotional process, is shunned by society, who generally view emotions that are not considered ‘positive’, to be weak.

I did the whole ‘positive thinking, move on, don’t think about the past’ attitude throughout my 20’s and 30’s.

Then the inevitable ‘breakdown’ occurred. I thought it was the end of my life. But, despite how hard it is, despite how painful it is, I do know this breakdown, was in fact, a breakthrough. And I have learned more, grown more, developed far more wisdom maturity and insight on this breakthrough journey, than I ever would have, if I had not ‘fallen apart’ and then continued down the… trauma processing, grieving path. Which is needed, for healing. Continue reading