Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Counselling homework… What I am/am not.

Several weeks ago, we started art therapy. The issues that have needed to be dealt with, over the last few weeks, have side-tracked this art therapy. But, I said today, I do want to get back to that. And my counsellor, was encouraging of this.

I also said tomorrow, I am having a whole day off social media and blogging, and have a day creating a collage of the fab family pictures I have of my 7 year old’s Birthday at the zoo. She was very encouraging of this too and asked to see photo’s when I’ve finished it. She is a great believer in creativity helping people to deal with, process trauma. And for general wellbeing, for everyone. She is creative and does a lot of patchwork/sewing.

So, now we are back to doing the art therapy, I have to think about a list of things I am, and things I am not.

This is hard for me. I know I am considered brave, honest, intelligent, insightful, not your average person  …. but after that, it gets a little difficult.

I have heard a lot of people give me their opinions of who I am. Good, bad and ugly opinions. And it’s always easier for me to believe the bad things, than the good.

I have issues still, due to my childhood… where unless I am really amazing at something…. it’s not ‘good enough’. And I feel like Continue reading


Humility, grace, forgiveness.. & some trust built.

It’s been a rough few weeks. Totally overwhelmed with different issues to deal with.

One being the issues with my counsellor, where I screwed up and made assumptions, that provoked fear…. and I handled it really badly. But, have since apologised, written about this and been upfront about why this occurred.

I talked again today with my counsellor, about this. I apologised again and explained further. She was glad I sent her the link to the blog, where I wrote what had happened and why. She does understand my fear of trusting the wrong people and my self protection mode that I clearly still can revert to, when dealing with fear related issues.

She was very gracious and understanding. And told me I didn’t need to apologise again. She definitely models forgiveness and grace, well. And she was very encouraging of this blog and all I share, and the depth of honesty and capacity to be vulnerable, to have that raw honesty.

We also talked about my experience at the hospital and Continue reading