Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Speechless. A serial killer, is granted damages, as prison made her tearful.


This serial killer, a sadistic sexual psychopath, is granted damages, because ‘prison made her tearful’. She was segregated, due to authorities discovering a planned breakout.

This ‘person’ who killed 3 people and severely injured 2 more, who only survived due to swift medical attention…. was awarded damages, because her ‘human right’s’ were violated in prison, due to being segregated.

Un-fucking believable.

Perpetrators of horrific harm, have more rights than the victims ever have.

Where were her victims human rights to live?

I hate this world I have to live in. Where evil is allowed, condoned, enabled, minimized, excused, justified, rationalised.

Where ‘intelligent’ people are making these bizarre decisions, have these bizarre attitudes. That basically enable evil.

And the victims of evil are treated like shit. Victim blamed, victim shamed and treated appallingly in so many ways.

I feel like an alien in this world full of crazy people, who do crazy things. All around me, bizarre, terrible, disgusting, vile, horrific things go on, and few people give a shit.

And people call me crazy.

If ‘that’ is being ‘normal’ – I am so fucking glad I am not normal. Continue reading


All it takes is a load of painful memories…

The last few days, I had been feeling okay. Feeling hopeful, more energy etc.

Then all it takes is a whole heap of terrible memories being triggered and it all comes crashing down.

It’s like a never ending cycle of emotions. And it hurts.


I know it will get better eventually. I know I still have processing and Continue reading

I survived a psychopath, who killed a former victim.

There was talk about Donald Trump on Facebook. And whether he is a psychopath, or malignant narcissist etc. I definitely see those traits in him.

As always when psychopaths are spoken of, my PTSD mind jumps straight to the psychopath who kept me in captivity for several years, abused me horrifically and ended up in prison. I was a teenager.

He said many times, he killed a former girlfriend. And made it look like an accident and got away with it. I’ve seen a record of a criminal conviction, involving the death of a woman. He had guns and knives and often used them to terrify me. He loved going hunting and had a sick thirst for killing.

It hits me really hard sometimes.

I survived a psychopath, who had already killed one woman. A former victim. Wow. That is pretty huge.

And I had enough strength, to attend court, to testify against him.

I could have easily ended up dead. Just like the psychopaths former victim. But, Continue reading