Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

TED The Reporting System That Sexual Assault Survivors Want

We don’t have to live in a world where 99 percent of rapists get away with it, says TED Fellow Jessica Ladd. With Callisto, a new platform for college students to confidentially report sexual assault, Ladd is helping survivors get the support and justice they deserve while respecting their privacy concerns. “We can create a world where there’s a real deterrent to violating the rights of another human being,” she says.


Why are people so gullible?

There is a lot in society people will believe, despite there being no rational basis to it. And I see people are so easily conned, by being gullible.

But, I think being gullible, is more than just being naïve and trusting people too much. It’s an incapacity to think things through. An unwillingness to find out whether this is truth, or not. And when the con concerned, fits into people’s belief systems, or validates themselves in some way, or feeds their obsessions, or plays with their insecurities….. people are more likely to believe something.

One example is the ‘super food’ movement (con). It’s being proven that the super foods hailed as higher in nutrition, are in fact not. And these foods are often more expensive, than other ‘non super foods’. It’s all been a big con, to get people to spend more money, on these ‘super foods’. And so many have fallen for it. I didn’t. All I saw was yet another fad.

Health and wellness, seems to be a big industry, where people are lied too, conned….. and so many fall for it. Food, diet, fitness industry …… all regularly infiltrated with lies and cons, and lining the pockets of those conning people. They play on people’s obsessions with health and fitness, body image issues, weight issues and many other general insecurities.

Me, well I just stick with the understanding, that a healthy balanced diet, limiting processed foods, moderate amount of exercise, is all that is required. But, for many, that isn’t ‘enough’….. they ‘need’ the latest fad. A bit like many people ‘need’ the latest fashions, the latest popular colour schemes for your home etc. I don’t need these.


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17.3 Complex PTSD Anonymous Guest Writer

Very thankful to be asked to write an article for End The Stigma.
I hope the article helps in some way.
❤ ❤

End The Stigma

ptsd-e1383860925532 (1)Hi Folks,

So today we gather an insight into Complex Trauma and PTSD.

I wrote about PTSD in a general way back in January, but we are delving a lot deeper with Complex Trauma PTSD and an expert today.

Whilst most of us will have heard of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder. We may not necessarily know the difference with Complex PTSD. It’s difficult to describe as its so unique for every individual, but often means numerous instances of trauma, regretfully.

Todays guest writer has asked for anonymity and I entirely respect that.

We have developed a nice friendship through Social Media and that will continue. I am astonished that the blog has been viewed over 800,000 times in 3 years. That gives me hope!  I also know this very nice individual has numerous awards for writing

At the bottom of the blog are the website and the blog, so there…

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