Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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I’m proud of my heart…. it’s been through so much.

proud of my heart 2

To come through such severe abuse, especially throughout childhood, and yet be a compassionate, empathic person – capable of the kind of love we were never shown… is amazing.



It is okay to outgrow people.

When you are on the path of growth, wisdom/truth seeking and that inner journey, requiring courage…… it is inevitable that you will outgrow those who choose not to be on this path.

It is okay to know this is occurring, and see how little you have in common with people you were closer to, in the past.

outgrow people

Due to the changes in ourselves, when we are on this path of growth, the ones we are outgrowing, will often not be encouraging. They can feel resentful and not appreciate your different opinions, and different way of thinking.

But, we cannot let their insecurities and lack of willingness to grow, stunt our own growth journey. We cannot remain how they want us to remain, just to appease their needs. If they choose to remain where they are at and resent those who choose to grow, then that is their choice. And we do not need to feel guilty, or that it is wrong, about moving on.

I was discussing this the other day, with someone who’s relationship with another friend, had become unhealthy, due to the growing differences. There were passive aggressive issues occurring due to resentment from the friend, which is often how immature people deal with their resentment. The situation was not going to be resolved, so my friend decided there was a need to end the friendship. And sometimes, that is the choice we need to make. We do not need to feel obliged to remain in unhealthy relationships/friendships. And we do not need to walk on eggshells, to appease a fragile ego. Not when their choices, are unhealthy for our own life and journey. Continue reading


So thankful to help survivors, in a meaningful way.

I receive a lot of feedback about my work, here on this blog, my website and social media platforms.

Anyone can write about the symptoms of PTSD and Complex PTSD. And anyone can post generalised positive quotes etc.

But, it takes deep insight and empathy, to write about the deeper issues we face, and the deeper consequences of severe trauma and complex trauma.

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I am thankful I am able to help many people, in a meaningful way. And to be writing about issues, most people are not writing about, that I know impact survivors lives, often in ways they don’t even understand.

And to be writing in a very honest way, as to how these issues impact and affect my life too. So people know, they are not alone. Someone understands.