Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Taking two weeks off my personal Facebook.

It’s the school holidays and I want to spend quality time with my children. I want to ensure they don’t spend too much time on the X Box and their devices.

I want to go to parks, for walks, to the beach….. get out into nature.

I want to prioritise what’s needed and ignore anything else. Continue reading

The Catholic Church Secret Archive Of Paedophile Crime.


This paragraph says it all about the highly inappropriate, and highly ineffective manner in which child sexual abuse – by paedophile priests, is dealt with. It shows how their in-house handling and in-house ‘counselling’, is pathetic.

Discussing responses to complaints about Ridsdale, the bishop describes the paedophile as “an extraordinarily talented fellow” and “an excellent pastor”. Bishop Mulkearns argues he was not responsible for Ridsdale going on to abuse more children because he had referred Ridsdale to a counsellor who then authorised him to return to duties.

This isn’t confined to the Catholic Church., either. It occurs across all denominations, as the Royal Commission, has exposed. Continue reading


Added a section about boundaries, to my Website.

I added a section to my website about personal boundaries, because I know how vital they are… to healing and general wellbeing.

I am so aware how child abuse survivors, do not learn healthy boundaries. If they are not modelled in childhood, how does a child learn them.

This lack of healthy boundaries, leads to further issues in adulthood.

Read @ http://www.healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.com/#!developing-boundaries-/cakt Continue reading


People who speak about kindness, respect, empathy, compassion for adults, but not children.

There are a lot of opinions about respect, compassion, kindness, empathy. For adults. But, what is bizarre to me, is some of the people giving advice about this…. do not show this, within their own homes, to their children.

I believe children should be treated with the same behaviours and attitudes, adults expect and demand.

This includes hitting people. Hit an adult and that is classed as assault, or domestic violence.

Hit a child, and this is twisted into ‘discipline’. How hypocritical. And shallow. *sigh.

hitting kids domestic violence

I’ve always known this. I was doubting myself for a while., when an abusive, toxic church were inflicting their mind control about discipline needing to involve hitting, belting children. And inflicting pain on babies. Their evil attitudes, even extending to ‘disciplining’ babies, through pain and fear. Their abusive and toxic attitudes, were displayed in many others ways, and this simply clarified how toxic the church is.

But, my own conscience, empathy, capacity for understanding what is right and wrong, soon knew, they were twisting Bible verses, to suit their abusive mindsets.

How can anyone really say it is okay to hit a child, but not an adult?

It’s worse to hit a vulnerable child. It affects their growing brain and psyche. They have no capacity to stop the person hitting them. The person hitting them – their parent – is teaching them physical pain equals love. Which is wrong. And further abuse.  It is an act of violence.


It is 100% possible to discipline children, without hitting them. I know, because I am successfully raising my boys, without hitting them. And they are normal, well behaved, respectful children, doing well in school.

And my children have the capacity for empathy……. because they are modelled and shown empathy and respect.


It takes more effort and more self control, but my children are worth it. I love them enough, to put in the extra effort needed. Continue reading

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Empathy, is the highest form of intelligence, and the least common.

empathy is the highest form of intelligence

I see so clearly how empathy is vital for complex trauma survivors. I see the harm and shame, a lack of empathy inflicts. Whether intentional or not.

I know my capacity for empathy, is unusual. But, I also know complex trauma survivors have already endured so much pain and suffering and more, can push them over the edge. And it does. The suicide rates for complex trauma survivors, are Continue reading