Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


People’s entitlement to uneducated, ignorant, hurtful opinions.

I am venting.

I get very frustrated by ‘opinions’ about serious matters, I see clearly lead to harm caused to people. Especially when children are being harmed.

They say everyone is entitled to an opinion. Sounds great, except for all the opinions based upon a foundation of ignorance, a lack of education about the issue and a lack of empathy.

No good comes from this.

There are also those who demand their ‘right to an opinion’, or to ‘tell the truth’ – purely with the motivation behind it, of hurting people.

Again, no good comes from this.

Both of these, irritate me. Because they cause harm. And I care about the harm being caused. I don’t want people harmed. Continue reading


My doctor/counsellor, is the only safe relationship, I’ve ever had.

I’ve been in counselling for 4 years. My doctor/counsellor, takes time off for training courses she conducts around the world, and for annual leave, for 3-6 weeks at a time.

As much as I am totally okay and supportive of all her work and need to take time off, I am also always very uneasy whenever she is away.


Just knowing that I don’t have that weekly time, to talk about whatever is needed and have her encouragement and support, is not a place I like being in.

My doctor/counsellor, is the only safe relationship I have ever had. And that is a big deal for me. It’s a big deal for any childhood complex trauma survivor to feel….. safe. Or as safe as is possible. As safe as I am capable of feeling.

I feel a bit lost, when she’s away. Clearly, I am still not at a point Continue reading


Every day, I get stronger….

I was sent this, by a radio talk presenter, who helps many people in their healing journeys. She said it reminded her of me. It was very thoughtful and kind.

it gets better

It is true…. each month that goes by, I get stronger, wiser and more comfortable in my own skin.

I still have times when the pain arises, the nightmares happen, the triggers occur and knock me off my feet, and I feel such pain, despair and hopelessness. But those times I recover from increasingly quicker and they are occurring less frequently.

This is healing.

This is the process of working through the trauma, the emotions, the grieving. Of Continue reading