Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


The terminal aloneness, is easily triggered.


It doesn’t take much, to trigger some of the more pervasive and chronic issues of Complex PTSD.

I’ve felt terminally alone, all my life. I still battle it.

My doctor/counsellor is away for a month. Ongoing personal issues flare up. I have no-one I trust, to talk to.

So the aloneness, the hopelessness, the despair sets in.

You can be doing okay for a little while, and then a few things occur, and you feel right back to the depths of despair you felt when in the midst of the worst trauma.

I wish I could fast-forward the rest of my life. I wish I could Continue reading

Reading up about referencing people’s work.

Writing a book, is far more complicated than it may appear. Especially when you want to do it professionally and ensure you follow all procedures correctly.

Having learned the issues regarding making absolutely sure you cite and reference other people’s work…. I am making sure, I get this 100% right.

So far I have read these….




When Do You Need to Secure Permissions?

(This was upon advice of a successful author)

http://www.mbbp.com/news/writers-guide-to-fair-use Continue reading

Emailing people, about citations for my book.

I’m starting to email people, who’s work I would like to quote and refer to, in my book.

These are people, that have been a part of my healing journey and their insight has helped me to put words and understanding, to all I have endured.

I intend making sure, every source, every quote, is cited, referenced and clearly so.


Some more self care, I should have had in my childhood. Braces.

My dentist has talked me into having braces. I couldn’t care less about the aesthetics of my teeth. But, apparently, I will have a lot more problems with them, as I age, if I don’t get them soon.

So braces it is! Looking forward to that…. not!


This is something I should have had in my teenage years and as per all the other neglect, my mother failed to take care of my dental needs.

So, I’m doing it for myself. Continue reading