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Stephen Fry reveals who he truly is. Abusive hypocrite

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I am beyond annoyed at this abusive, bullying, narcissistic BS that has come out of Stephen Fry’s mouth. What a hypocrite. I am also not surprised.

His attitude, is the ultimate in ‘shame-shifting’. His thoughts are that of a highly disordered, abusive, toxic man.


I knew prior to this interview, he is an unhealthy man, who minimizes child sexual abuse and I have wondered why. If he chooses to minimize child sexual abuse and trivialise it, that is bad enough. Now, I wonder why else he has such disgusting opinions?

I hope MIND do the right thing and get rid of him – because he should absolutely not be an advocate for mental health or abuse survivors.

I wonder what he would have thought about someone telling him to ‘grow up’, ‘self pity is disgusting’ and stop being ‘infantile’ – when he was actively trying to end his life? Or when he was being bullied for being gay?

Such a lack of empathy.

I am so glad to see social media show their absolute disgust for this man.

These quote from Twitter are correct…

“Underneath the ‘lovable, clever’ facade of

Stephen Fry, beats the cold heart of a ruthless,

vain, leftist, hypocrite bully”.

Fry is a hypocrite and a boorish git.

Unfortunately his ego far out weighs

his intellect and his infantile ‘wit’.”


And he removed himself from Twitter – because he didn’t like the ‘bullying’. Yet, he is nothing more than a nasty bully himself.


Again my discernment due to previous interviews about him, was correct.


Please know, this following advice, is from someone with empathy, insight and an understanding of the healing process – Pete Walker.

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I was SO thankful to see an outpouring of disgust for Fry’s abusive and toxic opinions.

This in particular was very helpful to read…. from Dialog Centre UK… who kindly tweeted this in 4 tweets..

As we know, what Fry calls “self-pity” is step 1

of escaping the *self-loathing* their abuser used to silence them..

when abuse victims learn to pity themselves they’re learning

to show themselves the compassion they’d show others…

..this helps them to value themselves appropriately, to stop blaming

themselves and feeling they “deserve” abuse…

…a process leading to new self-respect enabling survivors to

set boundaries and protect themselves from future abusers

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  1. Oh my, never knew any of this… Thanks you for sharing this with us.