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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


‘Inspirational Woman’ article, about me.



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This article was written when I had my Facebook page still running. Since then, I have chosen to close the Facebook page, but I continue my blog, website, other social media and I am currently in the process of writing my first book.

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Missing my counsellor.

My counsellor is away. I always struggle whenever she is away. Something I feel embarrassed to admit, but is true. I know that’s normal and okay, in a therapy relationship. A therapy relationship, is like no other.

I really want to talk to her about my book, how I’m feeling. I miss her. I miss hearing her say things that make me think. I miss being able to ask her advice, run past ideas and my discuss my thinking and emotions. I miss having that weekly regular time.

It’s weird to miss someone, who no doubt doesn’t think about you at all, outside of the therapy room.

In fact, the more I think about that, the more anxiety I am getting.

It’s all too familiar in my life. One way relationships, where you care about someone, and they don’t care back. Continue reading

All book donations, deeply appreciated :)

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I am currently in talks with an editor, who is wanting to help me with my book. I am at the point of arranging the payments I will be making. This will be paid from my Go Fund Me account, which is specifically for financial costs of editing the book, ready to publish. I am also contributing what I can afford.

My hope is this book, will help people in a really meaningful way.

It’s not about just my journey, but much of what I have learned along the way and I know resonates with many others.

If anyone who has gained anything positive from this blog, my website etc, is able to contribute towards these costs, please know I will be deeply thankful!

My book, will be for those who have endured complex trauma, or those wishing to become more aware. It is my aim to provide a resource that collates everything, in a hopeful and healing way.

Lilly ❤


Have a rough outline of my book :)

So far, I have the format of my book including:

Testimonials of my work, website, blog etc.
Disclaimer (I am not a mental health professional)
Table of Contents

Then 14 chapters

With subheadings

(Throughout the chapters, blogs, Continue reading

Talking vs. Processing in Trauma Therapy

Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma in Tucson

This post was inspired by a Twitter conversation I had with the illustrious cartoonist of all things therapy related, @TherapyTales, about this Tweet:

There us a difference between “telling” the story of trauma and “processing” through the trauma. One brings more pain-the other relief. –@zebraspolkadots

When @TherapyTales offered to draw an accompanying ‘toon if I wrote a post on the subject, how could I refuse?  The Tweet resonated with me as I do see this difference in my work with trauma survivors. What is the difference? What do trauma therapists mean when we talk about “processing” trauma? How is this different from talking about it?

Some trauma survivors come into therapy unable to share their stories. Others may recount their traumatic experiences freely, but in a manner that appears disconnected. It seems as if they are talking about someone else (and in the case of dissociative identity disorder, they…

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