Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So thankful to all the professionals

I am so thankful, to all the professionals, in the trauma field. I am thankful for all they are doing, to help so many people, in such vital ways. I am so thankful for their support for my work.

Some professionals have ‘issues’ with supporting non-professionals. But, there are many who recognise the insight, views and understanding, some survivors of complex trauma, can bring.

Some of these professionals are well known, writing for quality sites like Psychology Today, Psych Central. Some are amazing public speakers, and educating many other professionals, to better help their clients. Some are highly successful authors. The list goes on, of their wonderful achievements.

To know, they see value in what I write about, is a blessing.

These are a few, that support my work…

Tamara Hill – http://anchoredinknowledge.com/ http://blogs.psychcentral.com/caregivers/author/thill/ Continue reading


Great message from Shahida Arabi.

Shahida Arabi, is such an intelligent woman. Depth in emotional intelligence too, which to me, is the most important form of intelligence.

Very blessed to connect with her ❤

Love this message. Love this pic. ❤

lana del rey - shahida message

Shahida can be found at…..

Blog here on WordPress @ https://selfcarehaven.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

My editors encouragement, for my book = tears :)

I am in the process, of getting my book done and published, this year. I have an amazing author, who is also an editor, ghost writes etc. He has made it very clear, he really believes in my work and what I am trying to do. And I know, this feedback, is from a very genuine place.

I feel like this is an incredible blessing. This author, is a Christian too.

Whenever I encounter genuine people, it makes me cry. Good tears.

people believe in you

When people believe in you, after so much abuse and people putting you down, it feels strange, but so good – to hear genuine views being given.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario Continue reading