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A journey to healing from complex trauma.


My ladies group is going so well :D

A few months ago, I set up a ladies group, for ‘mature thinking’ ladies. We meet up for coffee and interesting chat.

It’s going so well. Such a diverse and interesting group of ladies.

The ladies give such great feedback and it is lovely to see friendships forming and conversations where people feel confident and safe to share some of their more personal details. And I make sure the reactions and responses, are appropriate. Whilst being tolerant of differences in opinions, which don’t create any harm.

Of the core group of ladies, which is about 12 of us, only one is an issue. I handle her by keeping vigilant and I can already tell, a few of the other ladies have cottoned on to her issues. So that’s been interesting to watch. I offer more appropriate responses, when I hear her unhealthy ego, being flexed. She makes every conversation about herself, so I always direct the conversation back to others.

Some new ladies came today, and I ensured they felt welcomed. They both wrote lovely responses, about how welcomed they felt and left great comments about how the group is hosted. One of the new ladies, has already confirmed she is coming to the next two group chats.

I feel a little more able to show my funny/kooky side and I like to create some giggles. I told them about getting my puppy next week, and how excited I am.

I’m still not offering much in the way of personal details – other than about my children, my hobbies, my puppy.

I can really see how my discernment, empathy, sensitivity to the needs of others, and capacity to respond appropriately to issues, is really Continue reading

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So excited to see a page of my article, in Shahida Arabi’s new book!

I am a huge supporter of Shahida Arabi’s work. So much insight into abuse and those who choose to abuse. Helping so many people – in validating the level of harm deliberately caused by toxic people, and how to move towards healing and thriving.

Today, Shahida very kindly sent me a pic of one of the pages of the articles written by me, that Shahida has included in her new book.

So very exciting! I am so thankful for he opportunity to contribute about Complex PTSD and Complex Trauma.

Shahida’s book, is available for pre-order, and available Continue reading