Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Thank goodness for the Twitter block button.

Today, I think it was a Twitter full moon. Too many dysfunctional people, with self serving agenda’s, little empathy and little insight.

Many of the issues I write about came to surface, as exactly what I know plays into stigma, harm and abuse.


  • The shaming issue of forcing views about forgiveness. People assume because they have forgiven – everyone should. And very entitled to project their views. Which is such a lack of empathy and abusive.
  • Calling mental illness – demons…. which I know is not appropriate, very triggering for church abuse survivors. I have empathy to know not to trigger and harm spiritual abuse survivors. Others choose to not care, or think about this in a deeper way.
  • Facts confirming abuse/child abuse/violence, causing the most PTSD & Complex PTSD, which irritates military people, because they normally get all the attention about PTSD.  When the very fact that abuse is an epidemic, then it makes sense that PTSD/Complex PTSD caused by abuse, will also be an epidemic.
  • PTSD being classified as a disorder…. some demand it should be ‘injury’ not disorder, because it was caused by trauma…. But so are many other disorders – like schizophrenia, OCD, Bipolar, Depression etc So I know in demanding PTSD be seen differently, is very demeaning about other disorders. And plays into stigma about all mental illness. And again, I have empathy to not upset people with other disorders. And the term disorder, just means collective symptoms, experiences by groups of people. So PTSD is a disorder.
  • People arguing about the description of Complex PTSD, despite me following all the experts – including Judith Herman, John Briere, Bessel van der Kolk and many more. The non experts think they know more than the experts.
  • Someone demanding the self care mantra, is rubbish. Which is bizarre.
  • People’s general lack of empathy, self serving attitudes, selfishness, lack of insight, lack of self insight and agenda’s that have no awareness of having thought or empathy for others.

All these issues, that people get very irritated, angry and defensive about, would not be issues, if people had empathy. If people could see outside of their own needs. If people considered the needs and emotions of others. If people stopped being Continue reading

Tears for all those abused by ‘conversion therapy’.


Just when I think it can’t get any worse about spiritual/religious abuse….. I hear about conversion therapy. And cults, who use rape and torture, to ‘convert’ people.

This is evil at work. Sick, heinous, vile people, using God as their excuse for abusing people, in such sick, perverted ways.

As a brave courageous survivor, let me know what he endured, I cried. The level of suffering is beyond imaginable. I sobbed.

I have to write my second book. I have to get the first one finished and published, so I can write the second one.

I will include a section on cults and churches that really are cults.

And I will include a section on conversion therapy, as well as the abuse the LGBTIQ community endure from religious people.

I wish I could do more. I know I can’t. I know it’s not my responsibility to. But, Continue reading


When the first interaction from a religious person…. is about forgiveness. *sigh.

Religious people, can be very tunnel visioned, very black and white and very lacking in empathy, or understanding about trauma. They also often feel very compelled and entitled, to shame you, for not being a ‘good enough Christian’…. by shaming you about forgiveness, grace etc.

I have come to realise, if the first interaction on social media with a religious person, is about forgiveness, I know I am dealing with someone unhealthy.

So, I utilise the block facility on Twitter. I don’t entertain unhealthy, dysfunctional religious people anymore.

You cannot reason, with people who choose not to have rational, empathic or reasonable thinking.

If shaming people about forgiveness, is your thing….. you are not welcome in my life, in any way. You are not going to make my followers feel shamed, by toxic religious and spiritual abuse. Continue reading