Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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My latest review, from a mental health professional! :)

I am always so very thankful for the reviews I receive. The ones from mental health professionals, are important, because they validate the quality of my work, insight and information.

This review, is from a very empathic and caring therapist.


During my last year in graduate school in my Marriage and family therapy program (2015) I discovered your website on Complex PTSD and it amazed me how much information you have on Complex Trauma.

I was unaware of Complex Trauma/PTSD until I began reading your blogs, resources and research. It is not taught in many schools and I hope eventually Complex Trauma will be a requirement in Psychology majors.

As I was working at my placement as an MFT trainee my clients displayed some symptoms and your website assisted me in providing them with resources and it helped.

Lilly, your website is very inspiring for survivors and it gives hope to those that have been struggling and has a place to come to for understanding, compassion and empathy.

You’re reaching people Globally and that in itself is Awesome!

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Proof, that sociopaths are intentional & proud of who they are.

Too many people choose to believe toxic, personality disordered people, ‘don’t understand what they are’. And would choose to be different. Sorry, but in my experience of too many of them…….. they enjoy being what they are.

This is proof of a ‘proud sociopath’. Who did not have a bad childhood.

Some people…. are just evil.

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He goes on to condescend about my faith, condescend about me being an empathic person, condescend about me having a conscience. Whilst accusing me of being condescending, because I try to wonder if they had childhood trauma (empathy).

Sociopaths, are cold blooded people, who are also hypocrites.

Sociopaths also enjoy trolling…….. looking for empathic people, to vent their darkness onto.

Darkness, hates the light and will always try to destroy the light.

But, I will keep being a light anyway.

Because light is stronger, than darkness.

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