Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

When you are a child, and know the monsters, are humans ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

For those raised by highly abusive parents and for those sexually abused as children, please know…..
I understand how terrifying and impacting it is…..
To know the monsters are not stories in children’s books.
They are in fact… humans.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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No, what was meant to kill you, does not always make you stronger ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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That old saying ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ – is a platitude and not reality for many.

Unlike many people, I don’t put inappropriate expectations and demands on survivors of complex trauma and those with severe mental health issues, like Complex PTSD.

Empathy and compassion, is meeting someone where they are at and not shaming them for not ‘doing better’.

I see a lot of shaming attitudes out there and I can see how these can push people over the edge and can make some suicidal. Continue reading

The more I see news/media providers manipulating news stories…..

The more I see news/media providers, manipulating the facts of news stories, the less I believe anything I read.

I’ve read journalists, are on the top 10 jobs, that psychopaths choose to have as a career.

Psychopaths – being people who easily exploit others, with no conscience, no remorse, no guilt and no shame. They really do not care who they harm in the process.

Just recent stories of the gorilla that was shot at a zoo, when a child got into it’s enclosure….. the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard abuse allegations story….. show manipulation of facts, to make the ‘story’ different to the actual events. Continue reading

Posts to my page today, about toxic people.

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This was shared, due to some inappropriate comments to the page.

I have no time or energy for baiters, manipulations, liars and abusers.

It would be helpful for people viewing this page….. to know this page is about Complex Trauma.
Complex trauma, is interpersonal trauma, caused by severe ongoing abuse, caused by abusive people.
Often this abuse is perpetrated by narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths. And the abuse they inflict, is profoundly painful, harmful and is intentional.
It needs to be understood, having a diagnosis, does not render them incapable of choosing ‘not’ to be abusive. In just the same way, having a diagnosis of PTSD, does not make it justifiable to be abusive. It is all choices.
I myself, have been abused over long periods of time, by all these toxic types.
Validating the harm these people cause, and educating about toxic abusive people, is necessary.
This does not mean I hate toxic people – as some may wrongly assume.
But, my work, is not about helping toxic people….. it is about helping their victims.

Continue reading


When a liar acts outraged, because you don’t believe them… ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I’ve seen this happen my entire life. Liars, who have pathological/compulsive lying traits, get so upset when you don’t believe them. Outraged, even.

I am so over this.

No normal, reasonable, rational person, would be a liar and then have the audacity to be outraged, because you don’t believe them about something.

All I can say to this…….. if you lie frequently, disrespect someone in this way frequently, have the entitled attitude that lying is okay……….. ‘don’t’ expect anyone to believe you.

And lying continually is abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse.

Then acting outraged, is further abuse.

And having this thinking and not having any conscience, remorse, guilt or shame…. and not caring in any way about the person you are lying to feels ….makes you a narcissistic scum bag. Continue reading


That moment when a ‘which flower are you?’… says ‘Lily’

Lilly Hope Lucario, is my pen name.

I just did an online ‘which flower are you?’ (based on my real name) and this was my result…

Flower Lily….

“You have an extensive sense of justice. Moral principles are important to you and must be protected. This is why you selflessly stand up for others and are always there when your loved ones need you”.

Whilst I don’t believe in these little quiz things….. it is funny that it picked my pen name and the reasons, are pretty spot on!




Second article published by The Minds Journal :)

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Yay!! I am so thankful to The Minds Journal, for publishing another article of mine. I really hope it helps people in some way.

Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse, Is Slow & Painful ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


So thankful for professional’s feedback :)

I was very thankful to receive this feedback about my article on ‘Questions To Ask Potential Therapists About Complex Trauma’.

See article here published by The Minds Journal http://themindsjournal.com/questions-ask-potential-therapists-treating-complex-trauma-lilly-hope-lucario/

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Amanda Williamson, is a counsellor in UK, see @ http://www.amandawilliamsoncounselling.co.uk/