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Whenever I post about marijuana – I get some kind of nasty response.

I don’t support medical marijuana for PTSD. There is not enough evidence to support it’s long term affects on the PTSD brain and there are enough experts – who also do not support it’s use for PTSD.

I can guarantee every time I post about this, I receive some kind of shitty response. Today, I was told not to ‘talk shit’…. after posting this link. And I am ‘uneducated’.


I don’t have an ego that believes I know more than the AAAP, or Dr Wilkinson. Others do though…..

My view on this, is an informed view, that takes into account advice I have sought and doing research into those for and against MJ for PTSD.

I know the push for it to be made legal for PTSD, is mainly a political push for combat veterans. However, the very fact that it can and does cause more violence, is very worrying to me.

I will not support the use of Marijuana for PTSD, until there is long term research and research about this on more than just veterans. And conducted by quality and recognised experts.

The biggest group of PTSD sufferers, are abuse, child abuse and violence survivors. Combat is one of the smallest groups. So research about PTSD should be focussed more on those who suffer it the most. And I want to see that research, if it’s ever done.

If this makes me unpopular, so be it. Integrity and being concerned about the long term affects that could worsen many people’s lives, is more important to me, than being popular.

I don’t write to be popular. Continue reading

Man Monis a psychopath. Yes, I said that months ago.

Man Monis, has been diagnosed by a forensic psychiatrist, as a dangerous narcissistic psychopath, who would have killed more people, had he not been shot at the scene of the Lindt Café siege.

And the pathetic legal system Australia has…… let this man out, knowing his criminal history and dangerous personality. And yet again, more people suffered.

Two innocent people died, unnecessarily – because the legal system failed. Many more traumatised. Again.

A pathetic legal system, designed to coddle perpetrators, make excuses for them and fail to protect society.

Of course, to many I would be deemed ‘judgmental’. Which is not correct. I just know psychopaths and narcissists, when I see them. I’ve endured them and know their traits.  They are dangerous, unpredictable and like hurting people. I don’t have to be okay with  that, or make excuses for it, or feel sorry for them ….. like too many unwise people choose.

What many people fail to realise, is in making excuses for these disordered and dangerous people…. they are not helping the perpetrator. Let alone the victims and potential future victims. They are not encouraging the perpetrators with the necessary accountability and responsibility, required to change – if there is any hope of change. In most cases, there is no hope of change. They do need locking up and not letting out, or they will harm more people.

Making excuses for them, giving them second chances, is not compassion…… it’s being really unwise and failing to deal with truth and reality. It is enabling them, in their manipulation and conning people. It’s enabling their darkness.

Some people believe in just showing them kindness and support, they will change. And they love that. It’s exactly the kind of person, they can dupe, manipulate and con. And many fall for it. Including mental health professionals. Continue reading

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How you achieve success…. matters.

We live in a society that promotes ‘success’ as being the test of worthiness.

Even severe abuse survivors, are not worthy, if they are not a ‘recovery success story’.


Success, is often seen to be okay, no matter how you achieve it.

‘Success at any cost’…. is how narcissistic/psychopathic people, are encouraged and hailed as ‘gods’.

It matters to me, how people treat others.

Success at any cost, is vile.

Success at the cost of those in your life, is deeply selfish. Continue reading