Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Narcissist fake tears, another form of manipulation.

This is so true. I’ve seen this happen, where a narcissist has cried fake tears to manipulate people around them. From different toxic, abusive liars, I’ve known.

narc tears are manipulation

Interestingly, a female narcissist I severed contact with a few months ago, used fake tears to try and manipulate a group she was using as prey.

I have been informed, some of those she was manipulating, have now ceased contact with her and left the group. I knew that would happen in time. Continue reading

Wow, such a lovely reaction from many, about being back on Facebook :)

I have published by original Facebook page again, after taking a break..

@ https://www.facebook.com/HealingFromComplexTraumaAndPTSDAndCPTSD/

The reaction has been so lovely and warm!

I’m glad to be back and able to provide info and validation ❤

My Facebook Page – Back Up & Running :)

After a really long break, I now have my facebook page up and running again.

You can join me there, if you would like @ https://www.facebook.com/HealingFromComplexTraumaAndPTSDAndCPTSD/





Beautiful gifts, from my beautiful boys for Mothers Day

I have to try really hard on Mothers Day, to focus on my boys, and not on my past. It’s hard, but I always succeed in focussing on what they need, and not how I feel inside.

My boys are very affectionate and loving boys, and they love giving gifts.


Beautiful love heart necklace and earrings ❤ ❤


Continue reading

Hypocrisy & a lack of self insight, is everywhere.

Judgmental people, often claim judgment is wrong. What they really mean is ‘don’t judge me’ but it’s okay for me to judge.

People who call others stupid, are often that themselves. Stupid people, don’t know they are stupid.

Ignorant people, often call others ignorance.

Uneducated people, often call others uneducated. Only strong people know life is meant to be a lifelong learning process.

Nasty people, often call others nasty.

The list is endless.

I see this on social media, a lot.

I often see posts, that I just shake my head at….. because the people concerned have no insight, self insight, self honesty, or the capacity to see how hypocritical they are and how they are projecting the very issues, they have themselves. Continue reading