Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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People who rationalise abuse, as a gift…

I see people have all sorts of attitudes about abuse and often they are seeking to make the abuse somehow a ‘gift’.

Abuse is never a gift. Abuse is wrong, undeserved, and never excusable and should not be rationalised.

To suggest it is a gift – is to congratulate the abuser.

It is to suggest the victim, needed the abuse.

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It suggests the survivor had to be abused to ‘learn lessons’.

It really irritates me, when I see therapists, telling people that abuse was a gift. Rationalising it with BS like ‘your abusive mother showed you who not to be’.

Absolute rubbish and very unhealthy thinking.

Rationalising abuse is very distorted thinking and any therapists suggesting this is how abuse survivors should think, should not be therapists. Continue reading

More wise words from Jeff Brown, about haters.

“The best thing about haters is that they help us to heal our childhood wounds. Every time they come our way, we get another opportunity to love ourselves in the heart of their contempt.

Where before attack and criticism triggered us into hiding, we now hear ourselves ROAR! with readiness.

You can’t bring your voice to the world without triggering others. You can’t humanifest your gifts without igniting someone’s jealousy. Continue reading

Alternative health ‘practitioners’ need to be banned from treating children.


I am a child advocate. I advocate for the right and needs of children, to be treated appropriately and with respect.

This includes all their health needs.

Far too many of these alternative health people, who are not registered, are not doctors, are harming children.

Parents are often not discerning enough and need to realise, they are not front line health providers, even though many pretend to be.

I believe there needs to be a complete legal ban, on all alternative health providers, treating children.

Adults can do as they wish to themselves, but children need to be protected under law. Because all too often parents fail to provide appropriately. Continue reading


The resilience needed, to deal with Facebook issues.

I’ve recently published my Facebook page again, and I predicted certain issues. I understand humanity and all it’s many issues. Such as the PTSD ‘fight’ response, where some with PTSD react with anger, irrational thinking & in a pretty selfish manner.

I am aware, some people with PTSD really do not handle their reactions well, to anything they feel irritated about – no matter how irrational – and can be very inappropriate in their actions.

Being an abuse survivor – I don’t make excuses for abusive/toxic people. That includes those with PTSD. Having PTSD – does not make someone entitled to be a shitty human being. But, their sense of entitlement, is very narcissistic.

So I dealt with these immature people, appropriately, and blocked them.

I have far more resilience, to deal with toxic people now.

I realise the issues other people have – are theirs. I don’t take them personally. They are not issues to deal with.

It is sad to know, there are many people out there, who are not motivated to helping people, as they claim. They are actually doing what they do, for attention and for their unhealthy egos. Their behaviours show this very clearly.

I’ve exposed several fakes, who claimed to have PTSD. What they actually are, are personality disordered, toxic people.

My intuition and capacity to work people out, is very skilled.

And my resilience, self esteem and capacity to ignore toxic people, is becoming far more skilled.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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