Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

How fitting – Help The People……

My son is watching ‘The Voice’. Just after I finished typing my last blog and feeling very emotional….. a girl came on singing this song.

This is one of my all time favourite songs. It makes me cry. It reminds me why I am doing all am doing. Why I get people attacking me. Darkness, does not like the light. And to focus on those I help.

God doesn’t guide people to this blog…. for no reason.

Thank you God. I will keep shining. As much as I can.

Wow, it’s amazing how God uses my blog…

It amazes me, how this always happens. Just when I start doubting what I am doing, and whether to continue…….. something happens, to show me just how much God wants me to continue.

I don’t intend saying much, as what has been shared with me, is confidential. But, what I will say, is I am so thankful my blog, what I have endured, my courage to write my abusive experiences out…. as this has helped someone being spiritually abused, by the same people as I have been abused by.

To know God was also helping someone – to guide church people away from a cult-like church, and to then guide this person to my blog, to help clarify this persons experience… is truly amazing.

I have always said, it is not about numbers. It about quality. helping people in a truly meaningful way… matters.

God will always use what was meant for evil, for good, if we are willing.

I don’t deserve to have been abused, spiritually…. and I am not thankful it happened.  Because that would be thanking evil.

I don’t rationalise abuse. I don’t put some positive spin on it. No-one ever deserves to be abused. God does not ever want anyone abused.

But, God will use this to help others. Continue reading


The hypocrisy of the entitled, toxic mind.

Education, about toxic people, helps those targeted, to understand the abuse they endured, and helps them to be able to heal.



Smear Campaigns of the Toxic Mind

You know you are doing something right…… when toxic people start making up lies and spreading false accusations and their immature hatred.

“The best thing about haters is that they help us to heal our childhood wounds. Every time they come our way, we get another opportunity to love ourselves in the heart of their contempt. Where before attack and criticism triggered us into hiding, we now hear ourselves ROAR! with readiness. You can’t bring your voice to the world without triggering others. You can’t humanifest your gifts without igniting someone’s jealousy. You can’t find your light without pissing someone off. It comes with the territory. So, ROAR in the face of the light-dimmers. ROAR!!!! “ ~ Jeff Brown

smear campaign shannon

This poster is so true and I am so thankful to connect with Shannon Thomas and have her support of my work. She is such an amazing woman, with much insight into these toxic, disordered people.

I do know who to trust – the Continue reading