Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

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Enabling & making excuses…. is not love or compassion ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

People confuse their unhealthy enabling or making excuses for toxic people….. with love, or compassion.

It isn’t love, or compassion, to enable. Or to make excuses.

I see people online trolling, who like to suggest enabling, is okay. Often they are doing this, to provoke a reaction. Which is trolling in itself.

Like with any type of abusive person, they need to know their behaviour is not okay, people can be angry and annoyed, and they should face consequences.

If people are going to act like nasty bullies, then they should face being treated as that, and face the consequences.

These are choices, they make. They choose the behaviour, then they choose the consequences.

Enabling them, is not helping them. In fact, this cripples them and stops them facing any need to change and make healthier choices. Continue reading


I have an obsessed troll…. having an epic tantrum ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have recently been wrongly accused of stealing someone’s images. Note, these are two images, one with stats that are not his/her stats, they are research stats, and one poster of a famous persons quote on a plain background.

Firstly, she/he outright accused me of stealing, even though there is no proof. Irrational behaviour right there.

I have had pages use my posters – ones with my own words, where my page name has been removed, and I did not accuse them outright of stealing.  I simply asked them to use the original. When a page refused, only then did I report them. At that point I did not look for any more images. I simply blocked the page concerned.

But, this highly irrational person, went straight on the attack. ‘Narcissistic injury’ springs to mind.

And she/he has conducted a smear campaign about these posters being ‘stolen’ – which were not even her/his original work.

What is far more concerning…… is this person then spent many hours, trolling through my entire blog history – over 3000 posts, and all my Facebook pictures (100o’s) and all my Twitter pictures (100’s).

That is some dedication to obsessional behaviour and hatred.

Yet, there is no self awareness, or self insight.

And clearly she/he has no genuine intent to help people…. because if he/she did…… they would see all the quality work and help I offer to others, and they would encourage that. Not try to destroy that.

This person clearly has deeply rooted psychological issues and clearly resents all I am doing and achieving.

Narcissistic people, do become obsessed with their targets and clearly I happen to be their target, at the moment.

I hope at some point, this person realises, how deeply irrational and twisted, their behaviour is. Continue reading