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When a liar acts outraged, because you don’t believe them… ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I’ve seen this happen my entire life. Liars, who have pathological/compulsive lying traits, get so upset when you don’t believe them. Outraged, even.

I am so over this.

No normal, reasonable, rational person, would be a liar and then have the audacity to be outraged, because you don’t believe them about something.

All I can say to this…….. if you lie frequently, disrespect someone in this way frequently, have the entitled attitude that lying is okay……….. ‘don’t’ expect anyone to believe you.

And lying continually is abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse.

Then acting outraged, is further abuse.

And having this thinking and not having any conscience, remorse, guilt or shame…. and not caring in any way about the person you are lying to feels ….makes you a narcissistic scum bag. Continue reading