Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


So thankful to see my work on ‘High Anxieties’ Website

I had no idea I was recommended and shared, by so many other Websites, as well as by Mental Health Professionals.

Healing From Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPTSD

I will be content with my achievements and remember how far reaching my work is.

I am very grateful to all those who share my work, and recommend it. Continue reading

The Portriat Of An INFJ – The Minds Journal

This is such an amazing portrait of an INFJ, which is my personality type. I used to be more INFP, but now I am definitely INFJ.

Portrait of an INFJ – Introverted Intuition with Extraverted Feeling

This describes me, 100%.


I’m being quoted & added as resources for Complex Trauma/ComplexPTSD

I am so thankful my work is being shared by mental health professionals and on quality Websites, like ‘Out Of The Fog.

These are three I found today šŸ™‚




I am so thankful my work continues to get out there, and reach more and more survivors. And helps educates professionals too. Continue reading


Following a Christian Counsellor’s advice about trolls ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Social media can be great and used in really helpful, positive ways.

It can also be used for the opposite and certain platforms, are like dirty cesspools, for the trolls, sociopaths etc….. to hang out and vomit their darkness.

Facebook and YouTube, seem to be the worst, for trolls and shitty people. Ones who are provoking, and intentionally harming others.

An amazing and insightful Christian ~ Shannon Thomas, of Southlake Christian Counselling, who herself has dealt with trolls. She just blocks them and hasĀ this to say to myself and another amazing advocate – about the trolls…

You are two precious souls.

It just shows that the work is effective.

I do identify as an empath as the intuition goes

but it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

Trolls can kiss it for all I care”

I clearly need to not only have resilience, but also attitude, where IĀ do not care in the slightest, as to their BS andĀ blocking them. Continue reading


Drinking less coffee, to help the farmers ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I drink too much coffee. I am tired a lot and take medication, that makes me tired. So, I drink too many coffees a day, to keep me awake and give me some energy.

In Australia, it has become apparent that farmers are being ripped off, by the big supermarket chains, who are all competing to sell the lowest cost milk and bread. The home-brands, are causing huge issues for farmers.

I also know there is an increase within the farming community of suicide. For various reasons, this being one of them.

So, bring on a tight budget, we normally do buy the cheapest home-brand milk. But, now we are not. We’re buying brand names, to help this growing and very concerning farmer crisis. We’re also buying fruit and veg, direct from the local seller at my local gardening centre. They sell locally sourced products only. Including ‘real’ eggs, that are genuinely free range.

But, we need to reduce the amount of milk we purchase, because it is almost double the price. Which is not a bad thing. Continue reading

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Enabling & making excuses…. is not love or compassion ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

People confuse their unhealthy enabling or making excuses for toxic people….. with love, or compassion.

It isn’t love, or compassion, to enable. Or to make excuses.

I see people online trolling, who like to suggest enabling, is okay. Often they are doing this, to provoke a reaction. Which is trolling in itself.

Like with any type of abusive person, they need to know their behaviour is not okay, people can be angry and annoyed, and they should face consequences.

If people are going to act like nasty bullies, then they should face being treated as that, and face the consequences.

These are choices, they make. They choose the behaviour, then they choose the consequences.

Enabling them, is not helping them. In fact, this cripplesĀ them and stops them facing any need to change and make healthier choices. Continue reading


I have an obsessed troll…. having an epic tantrum ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I have recently been wrongly accused of stealing someone’s images. Note, these are two images, one with stats that are not his/her stats, they are research stats, and one poster of a famous persons quote on a plain background.

Firstly, she/he outright accused me of stealing, even though there is no proof. Irrational behaviour right there.

I have had pages use my posters – ones with my own words, where my page name has been removed, and I did not accuse them outright of stealing. Ā I simply asked them to use the original. When a page refused, only then did I report them. At that point I did not look for any more images. I simply blocked the page concerned.

But, this highly irrational person, went straight on the attack. ‘Narcissistic injury’ springs to mind.

And she/he has conducted a smear campaign about these posters being ‘stolen’ – which were not even her/his original work.

What is far more concerning…… is this person then spent many hours, trolling through my entire blog history – over 3000 posts, and all my Facebook pictures (100o’s) and all my Twitter pictures (100’s).

That is some dedication to obsessional behaviour and hatred.

Yet, there is no self awareness, or self insight.

And clearly she/he has no genuine intent to help people…. because if he/she did…… they would see all the quality work and help I offer to others, and they would encourage that. Not try to destroy that.

This person clearly has deeply rooted psychological issues and clearly resents all I am doing and achieving.

Narcissistic people, do become obsessed with their targetsĀ and clearly I happen toĀ be their target, at the moment.

I hope at some point, this person realises, how deeply irrational and twisted, their behaviour is. Continue reading


Breaking A Child’s Spirit – Is Not Of Jesus

It bothers me greatly, how too many churches and church people, are deluded to believe hurting children and ‘breaking their spirit’ – is love, or needed, or healthy, or Jesus like.

I’ve seen a toxic, unhealthy, spiritually abusive church in action.Ā I was abused there, and know I am not alone in this.

The ‘in-house’ parenting courses, run by elders and authorised by the abusive ministers, encourage parents to hit their children, from being babies onwards….. increasing in harshness and pain level – to belting older children and teenagers.

Sadly, this is all too common in right wing, conservative type churches.

I discussed this at length today in counselling, after hearing of more abusive practises, that sadly don’t surprise me, but disgust me.

These toxic people, choose to starve their children for more than 24 hours, to ‘break their spirit’. It was confirmed in counselling, this is 100% child abuse. As is the belting and hitting children.

These abusive practises, also combine with women being subservient to their husbands. I’ve heard these people state beliefs, like a woman should always offer herself every day, for sex. Or she is failing as a wife. Women are encouraged not to work and to do all their husbands demand. They are required to ask permission to spend money and many other subservient attitudes.

Interestingly, theseĀ people, used the toxic resources of the now disgraced Mark Driscoll, who resigned before he was sacked…. for abuse, plagiarism, trolling social media under a fake name and more.Ā Ā His attitudesĀ are abusive…. so this church I once attended, lovedĀ these abusive resources, promoted by an abusive pastor.

They also believe all those not Baptised, not following these abusive beliefs, are going to be thrown by God into a big pit of fire, to burn for eternity. More Bible verses, they choose not to know the real interpretation and context of.

God is not the abusive, narcissistic psychopath – they portray him as. But, they choose to see God as that…….. so they can act like narcissistic psychopaths, themselves.

It paints a very dark, gruesome picture of abuse, on many levels.

And I have had all of this confirmed as abuse, by other wise Christian people

My heart breaks for all the children affected by these toxic, abusive people.Ā To know they are continually in fear and being harmed and told this is ‘love’ is horrendous. To know Continue reading