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It takes far more courage, to not ‘do’ cheap grace ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I realise the reason most people like ‘cheap grace’, is because they themselves, don’t need to be honest, don’t need to repent, don’t need to do anything.

Christians who just demand cheap grace, are weak and self serving. Yet they will delude themselves, cheap grace, is about compassion, about mercy, about love.

I cannot lie and delude myself in this way.

But, I also don’t want…… retribution, payback, ‘karma’, retaliation, anyone to burn in hell., be abused in prison, the death penalty…. or whatever else people like to imagine will happen to abusers.  My conscience and sense of right and wrong, is too developed. I don’t have the mentality of anyone who thinks abuse is ever okay.

So, I just leave them to God. He can deal with them. It’s not my job.

I’m controversial, because I don’t buy into most people’s beliefs.

I walk a path, that requires insight, honesty, integrity and not swallowing self serving lies.

It’s a lonely path. I’m not ‘popular’ as a result. My integrity to honesty, doesn’t lower, to be more popular.

And who’s my greatest role model and doing what’s right, regardless of what anyone is doing, being pretty unpopular as a result and being rejected for speaking truth and not being a people pleaser…….


~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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I have come to understand – integrity to truth, is rarely people’s motivating need.

Most people’s motivating need for their belief systems, is self serving beliefs.

Rarely does this include any integrity to truth.

The truth is far too bitter a pill, for most people to shallow.

I’ve given up trying to explain things to people – who are completely committed to not listening. Or who’s egos prevent them from listening to anything, they don’t want to hear.