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My 4th article published by the Minds Journal

minds journal 4

I am so deeply thankful for the Minds Journal, publishing my 4th article.

I always hope what I write, helps someone.

The psychological, emotional twisting of the knife in the wounds, caused by non belief or doubting victims of abuse

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When speaking up, made your life worse ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

A post to my page today, to validate how speaking up, can make life worse. And why. And how painful this is. Empathy is needed.

When speaking up, made things worse

I want to acknowledge this, for those who did find the courage to speak up and it made their lives worse.

People often say, we need to be courageous, we need to speak up, etc etc…… without understanding the consequences of this, for some.

For some people, speaking up, made their lives worse.

Rejection from family &/or friends, not being believed, being ostracised from family, church etc, having people side with the abuser, court systems failing, not guilty court verdicts…. There are many awful consequences, that can occur, when a survivor of abuse tries to speak up and advocate for themselves.

The pain of all this, is further trauma and I validate that, for anyone who has endured it.

It can worsen someone’s situation, deepen the wounds and cause such terrible pain caused by rejection. It creates loneliness and a deep feeling of being unloved, uncared for and a sense of hopelessness, in many cases.

I can also see how triggering it is, for survivors who did find the courage to speak… seeing all these beliefs being voiced, about how the strongest survivors, are those who spoke up. When all that did, was make life worse.

If you relate to this, in any way…… please know, it is okay to acknowledge this, to know it is further trauma, and to know so much self compassion is needed.

I do understand the rejection, the pain of non belief, the pain of being ostracised etc.

There are many dealing with this pain and I have much compassion for you.

It is terrible to be abused and harmed, and even more terrible to not receive the support, love, belief and care much needed and deserved.

I know you deserve to be believed, to be validated, to be supported. You deserve that courage it took to speak up, recognised.

And if you didn’t receive this …. I am so so sorry. That is not what you deserved. At all.

Much love and compassion.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario ❤ ❤

I am so glad this post on Facebook, was helpful to people. This post received many comments from people explaining how speaking up did make their lives worse and caused further suffering, pain and aloneness. It is heartbreaking reading their stories and hearing the pain in their words.

But, I am thankful I am someone who is willing to speak about the painful aspects of this journey and how you can be trying really hard, and be very courageous, and it does not always make your life better and it can make it worse.

I am glad I am someone willing to speak about these issues, which not many are speaking about.

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