Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


I spend a lot of time, telling abuse survivors “I’m so sorry”.

Heart Ripple


Throughout my work, online, my website, my social media…. I have a lot of survivors express the abuse and harm they have endured. This harm can be from the abusers, from the family/friends/people who ignored it, from people who victim shamed and victim blamed, from religious people, from unhealthy therapists…. the list is endless.

Whenever someone shares their pain, and what they are enduring, I always say I am so sorry they have endured this. And they did not deserve this, in any way.

I say I am so sorry – because I may be the only person who says that. I may be the only person who validates their pain. I may be the only person who says they never deserved it.

Saying ‘I am so sorry’ are powerful words. Often abuse survivors never hear those words. Often all survivors hear is denial, excuses, minimization, and a range of other harmful and toxic responses.

And I always truly mean it. I am so sorry that any person is abused. Continue reading