Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Feeling safe, is one of the greatest needs, of complex trauma survivors ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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Safety – one of the greatest needs of a complex trauma survivor.

Through my healing journey I have addressed this, by developing an awareness of people’s behaviour and working out what are normal issues people have (no person is perfect – including me), and what are red flags of toxic behaviour – I need to avoid.

I am very aware of my capacity and intuition for detecting toxic behaviours.

In my healing, I have turned my hypervigilance about people, into discernment.

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Feedback that gives me hope for my book helping people.

Today, I shared the blog I wrote about how empathy for complex trauma survivors in therapy relationships is vital. And how therapists speaking in a clinical, non ‘normal’ emotions way, flags as unsafe and hinders building enough trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship.

This is the blog https://healingfromcomplextraumaandptsd.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/i-see-how-talking-about-abusers-with-mental-health-professionals-can-be-harmful-and-why/

I’ve had  a lot of really positive feedback about that blog post, including from therapists.

This was some feedback I received today. I’m aware I have insight that really helps people, and this gives me hope for my book helping people in the same way.

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The Healing Journey, Takes As Long As It Needs To Take ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I am a great believer, in we can only heal what we choose to acknowledge and choose to deal with.

I also know the depths of pain and suffering and grieving, due to complex trauma – need to be processed slowly. So not to overwhelm us completely.

I have needed to take my healing journey a lot slower than I would have liked. But, it was and still is – the speed it needs to be. I no longer criticise myself for how long it is taking. I have taken that unnecessary burden and shame it creates – off the table. And I have replaced it with self compassion.

There are many layers of trauma involved in complex trauma. There are many layers of emotions and pain. There is whole complex grieving process to go through. This cannot be a quick process. Trying to heal quickly, only forces us to suppress that which needs healing. And then healing is very limited., as a result.

It takes time, and every journey is different. We cannot compare and all we can each do, is focus on our own specific journey, our own unique needs and allow the healing journey to take it’s own pace.

We need this self compassion and self patience. Both of which, are very difficult for many of us, but something we all need to develop. Our healing is dependent on these and they are a part of the journey and they take time as well.

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Creativity, is healing for the traumatised brain ~ Lilly Hope Lucario



I have various creative interests and I have recently re-ignited my love of scrapbooking and framed layouts. Creativity, is known to be excellent for the traumatised brain. And many child abuse survivors, find outlets in creativity, which also helps inner child healing.

I mostly concentrate on layouts of my two sons, which I don’t publicly show. But, this is one I did last week, of my puppy 🙂 This was the day we picked her up & she was a little bundle of cuteness, sat on my lap, shaking like a leaf. She is a much loved member of our family and we adore her. Having boys, means more masculine layouts, but now having a female puppy – means doing girlie ones 🙂

Creativity, gardening, sewing, are all in my healing toolbox. An enjoyable way to be mindful, be grounded and creating lovely things. Continue reading


Slowly progressing with my book.

I am currently writing the first chapters for my book, which will be followed by all the blog posts (already written) I want to include. Of which many need a little re-writing and tidying up. Then I will be adding chapters on seeking professional help, myths about healing that can cause harm. Plus a load of info that has helped me and many others in this healing journey.

The book will be a healing hopeful book and as such validation, information, deeper insight, addressing the many lessor known consequences of complex trauma and (Complex) PTSD, what triggers us and why, why we feel unsafe, how to manage symptoms etc.. All lead to a better quality of life being reached. Which is what I want for everyone.

I am a great believer in ‘you can only heal, what you fully acknowledge and choose to address’. Continue reading


Pics from around the garden in the beautiful Winter sunshine :)

Gardening is part of my healing journey. It is a welcome distraction from the painful trauma processing. It is grounding and helps with mindfulness.

It brings me many moments of joy.

When you are surrounded by beauty, you always have some joy in your life.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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