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This Blog – reviewed by a doctor of psychology, as one of Top 6 Trauma Blogs! :)

Received an email from a psychologist (doctorate) – stating this blog has been reviewed and is listed as one of Top 6 Trauma Blogs!

See @ https://openforest.net/6-great-traumaptsd-blogs/

Feel very honoured and so thankful for this feedback and the support and encouragement from professionals, as to my work being meaningful and helpful.


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I have also been asked to consider reviewing their website, which I am in the process of doing.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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‘Unburdening’ – is a far more appropriate term, than forgiveness ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


For an excellent and empathic article written by a trauma therapist – who uses the term ‘unburdening’….. see this link



I now take weekends off the internet, to address better self care ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

Self care, boundaries and balance, are always an ongoing part of my journey. When you are not taught or modelled healthy boundaries, healthy balance and self care in your formative years, you often struggle with them in adulthood.

It takes insight and self honesty and the willingness to take advice, to improve these.

I have compulsive behaviours, which I have self compassion about (now). I also have issues with feeling overly responsible for helping others…. due to parentification abuse as a child/teenager. I was made to have adult responsibilities, by my unhealthy and selfish mother.

I have the self insight to know I have issues, and that I need to manage them. And I have the insight to know – these don’t change overnight.

You cannot change 4 decades worth of

belief systems and behaviours, overnight.

It takes a lot of time, perseverance and

willingness to want to change.

It’s a journey and a process, that

requires continual honest self reflection.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

 I have discussed this recently, in counselling. This issue was raised and my counsellor, who is also a doctor – stated she too needed to address balance when she first started her GP practice. She worked too many hours and needed to cut back, to have healthier balance.

I listened, and I could see where I am spending too much time on social media and the internet. Although I have cut down from the amount time spent online, from previous years, I still need more balance for a healthier life.

It was suggested I take weekends off and I agreed. If I view my work online as a job, I would have weekends off. So now I do. Continue reading