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Passive aggressive behaviour…. is best ignored ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Passive aggressive behaviour, is narcissistic behaviour. It is a cowardly attempt to criticise someone, yet make it not look like it comes from a mean hearted person.

It’s the kind of covert bullying type behaviour, many will not realise is toxic.

But, when you consider why someone would not choose to comment in a positive manner, and only choose to comment to criticise, it is easy to see the heart of the issue. They can make the effort to criticise, but can’t make the effort to write something positive…

Passive aggressive people, also sometimes like to start off with a ‘positive’ and then add a “but…. ” and then the real reason they are commenting comes out.

“Behind the smile, a hidden knife!”

― Ancient Chinese saying describing

passive-aggressive behavior

When you have intuition, it is easy to work unhealthy toxic people out. They want to feel better, by bringing other people down. And sometimes in a cowardly, covert manner. They want to make it look like they are ‘nice’, but really underneath it, is a unhappy, narcissistic need, to hurt someone else. And these people can even delude themselves they are being nice, and offering ‘advice’, but that’s a lie they tell themselves. People can rationalise their unhealthy behaviours easily. I see it all the time. Continue reading