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I can tolerate some degree of fear and ignorance, but not malicious racism ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I understand there is some fear and ignorance, surrounding the Muslim asylum seekers coming into Australia. I get not being educated and Australia being an openly racist country (not everyone) – means racism is often demonstrated.

I can tolerate some of this, even though I really dislike it. But, it is the motivation behind these views, I am interested in. If it’s purely fear and ignorance, I can tolerate this to an extent.

When people are malicious and mocking to people in a racist way, that is where I totally draw the line of where people have gone too far.

That is boundary that has been crossed, for the standards I expect of people.


I don’t wish to have mean, bitchy, malicious people in my life. And I feel completely okay with this. This kind of behaviour is a big red flag to me. It’s immature, harmful behaviour that hurts people. And I’m not okay with that, and I won’t be enabling it. It’s a complete lack of empathy, or considering the feelings of others. And a sense of entitlement to mock others and no conscience about it. That’s narcissism. And I will always spot narcissistic attitudes.

Racism is abuse, whether people want to believe that or not. It’s wrong.

I spoke about this yesterday in counselling, and this was confirmed as a healthy boundary. And one that is okay to set.

I am consistently doing better with my boundaries – to have a healthy life, and keeping toxicity out.

Developing healthy boundaries, is something I talk about a lot and I know how vital they are, to keep toxicity out, and these boundaries have to be set by ourselves. Continue reading