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Calling someone a ‘troll’, is worse than homophobia, racism and sociopath behaviours?

I know when church people’s mindsets are messed up and when their priorities are screwed.

I site/page I used to follow, made a comment that calling someone a troll, is somehow worse than someone hating on the LGBTIQ community.

It’s really sad when you can spew hatred (in a passive aggressively nice way), but you are not allowed to call the abusive person a name like ‘troll’. Because heavens forbid, we would call an abusive person a name.

‘That’s’ of course is the issue, not the hatred being spewed about e.g. a transgender person. Bizarre.

I no longer follow that page. They can protect abusive people if they like. They can tolerate ‘nicely worded hatred’ if they like. I don’t have to be a part of that.

And if someone is clearly a troll, I will call them that.

If someone is narcissistic, I will call them that.

If someone is an asshole, I will call them that.

I don’t coddle abusive people.

And I don’t tolerate those who say I should.