Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Dealing with my complex trauma issues & seeing progress ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

I wrote this post on my Lilly Hope Lucario page, following issues arising on Twitter again recently.

There are predatory people out there, preying on vulnerable people – looking to cash in.
Mental health is an industry, and while there are many amazing and genuine people helping others in a professional manner…
There are also non genuine, untrained, predatory people looking to take advantage of people’s weakenesses.
You see this happening with people with cancer – they get some charlatan – claiming they can be cured of cancer with some herbs and essential oils… and it is incorrect and dangerous advice.
The same happens in the trauma, PTSD and Complex PTSD field…. where there are untrained people claiming to be able to treat PTSD with ‘their own technique’, or claiming to be ‘life coaches’, and they are not adequately trained at all, to treat mental health issues.
In my time on social media, I have seen many sociopathic predators, trying to cash in on trauma survivors.
People claiming to have PTSD – who don’t.
People claiming to be able to cure PTSD – when they cannot.
My advice, is do not be fooled by these charlatans/ con artists.
I wouldn’t seek cancer treatment from someone other than an oncologist.
And I won’t seek treatment for PTSD from someone not trained extensively in mental health.

I realise I cannot save people from being conned. I can only offer my advice and it is up to people to choose what they do.

Because of my platforms for trauma survivors, I have been targeted many times by people who are con artists. I see it happening and it causes me stress and anxiety to know other people may be conned. I’m aware it triggers emotions from the past, where I was made to feel responsible for my siblings as a child and told I was responsible for my sibling being abused by a paedophile. (When in fact it was entirely my mother and step father’s responsible for us all being sexually abused).

One of my issues due to my horrendous childhood – is feeling overly responsible for helping people and saving them from being hurt. And I have to have continual self talk, that this is not my responsibility. Adults are responsible for themselves.

So, whilst it is my heart for people not to get conned, I cannot take on this as a personal responsibility. I can only write posts like these, and hope people take note.

It is one area of many in my journey, where I have to change my belief systems. I am not responsible for other vulnerable trauma survivors, and I cannot feel like I am failing people or I’m not stopping them getting hurt.

I can envision my therapist reminding me – I am not responsible for my siblings being abused, I should never have been made to feel responsible for their parenting. And I am not responsible now for other trauma survivor’s wellbeing. Continue reading