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A journey to healing from complex trauma.

So glad I have persisted in my ladies group :)

About 8 months ago, I set up a group for ladies to have coffee and to chat.

Today, was probably the best chat we’ve had. It was a group of ladies that are now regular core group ladies who come along, and they are so lovely. They are all older than me, in their 50’s and 60’s, but I like that – because I relate to people older than myself, far more than people my own age.


There have been times when I have wanted to stop arranging it, and felt like giving up on it. But, I persisted and have carefully¬†removed a few bitchy trouble makers, and the result of that – is it is a lovely group of nice, gentle, caring ladies, who talk about life’s good and bad stuff. We discuss life’s difficult issues, but we also have a laugh and some giggles.

Several of the ladies have connected with each other and are now friends and meet up outside of the group and I love that. Because there are many different reasons why people can feel lonely, and to have friends they relate to and connect with, is what my motivation for setting up the group is about. Continue reading