Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

What ‘World Teachers Day’ has shown me about my child & my parenting ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

It’s World Teachers Day today. My younger son has a wonderful teacher. So, my son made a card and we bought some beautiful flowers yesterday. But, what my son wanted to give his teacher most of all – was doughnuts. Because he remembered from months ago, her saying they are her favourite food.

We couldn’t find any doughnuts yesterday and he was really disappointed. So, this morning my son gave his teacher the flowers and card (which he drew doughnuts on) and I had a request from my son, to go and keep looking and find some doughnuts and bring them at school pick up time.

I encouraged this, because this is my son knowing what is special to his teacher, and then wanting to give her this.

So, I went to the shop and bought doughnuts and he gave them to her at the end of the school day. And she was delighted with them! I could tell she felt this was really special. And I thanked her for being such an amazing teacher and how appreciated she is.

I am aware I teach my children empathy, to consider other people’s feelings and needs, and to be kind and giving. Continue reading


I think I am becoming one of those ‘I prefer animals to humans’ people

I am aware it is not uncommon for people who have suffered and been betrayed considerably in life, to become people who love the company of animals, rather than people.

I have only this year, had a dog in my life. She’s such lovely company. She’s still a puppy, and she’s playful and a little mischievous and simply adorable.


Animals offer that kind of love and affection, you don’t need to question. They are loyal. Traits that few people have that I have known in my life, have had.

The older I get, the less I want to spend time with people. My fortnightly ladies group, is enough people interaction for me. And I actually don’t want to get to know any of the ladies, more than needed for these group chats. I don’t want to find out things that make me anxious, or have to worry about.

I love being with my children, my dog and limited time with other people.

I do know I am introvert, who was always trying to be an extrovert, because extroverts are lorded as being how we should all be. Which is rubbish. Now, I don’t feel the need to try to be an extrovert.  Continue reading

Having a sense of humour, is vital :)

I love humour and I have a sense of humour, which has no doubt has helped me along the way, to survive.

This made me laugh, because it is so true of what I no doubt look like when trying to kill or remove big spiders, that are common here in Australia. And I can laugh at myself.

They say people with emotional intelligence – have an appropriate sense of humour.

Not the malicious bitchy type of humour some delight in……….. but healthy humour.


I don’t exploit people, for my own needs ~ Lilly Hope Lucario


Exploiting people for own gain, is something that I see clearly occurs, in many different ways.

People with little conscience and little integrity, exploit others. They will turn a blind eye to people’s harmful issues/messages and continue to stay connected, for their own needs.

I am not an exploitative person.

I don’t turn a blind eye to issues that I know will hurt and impact others.

I have a conscience, and empathy.

And I am completely secure in my understanding of this. Continue reading