Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.

Having a sense of humour, is vital :)

I love humour and I have a sense of humour, which has no doubt has helped me along the way, to survive.

This made me laugh, because it is so true of what I no doubt look like when trying to kill or remove big spiders, that are common here in Australia. And I can laugh at myself.

They say people with emotional intelligence – have an appropriate sense of humour.

Not the malicious bitchy type of humour some delight in……….. but healthy humour.


Author: Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I am a survivor of complex and multiple trauma and abuse, who at the age of 40, began my healing journey. I am using my journey to recovery and healing, to help others, to help survivors feel less alone, validated, encouraged and to enable others to understand themselves more. Complex trauma, particularly from severe, prolonged childhood abuse, is profoundly life changing. Complex trauma produces complex adults. The journey to recovery is a painful, often lonely, emotional daily challenge and it is my aim to encourage others in their daily battle. ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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