Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A journey to healing from complex trauma.


Looking at photography courses :)

I love capturing beauty all around me and taking photos of my family, my dog, my gardens. It is a way of being mindful, have gratitude and a healthy focus for my life, which is part of my healing.

I was going to start a Uni counselling degree next year, but I am delaying that for a year. I know I am not mentally up for starting a full time degree yet. I spoke to my therapist, who confirmed I am still in the processing and grieving stage, and a full time Uni course, may be too overwhelming. And certain things have occurred lately, that have shown me I may well not be able to cope with a full time, very challenging counselling course.

But, a 1 year photography diploma, I could handle.

A part time job as a photographer, would be a lovely career to start. And I could take my younger son with me on shoots. So I would not need to book things around my husbands shifts. Plus, I know how to run a business, I know how to set up a website. All things that will help.


I know there is a 1 year diploma course, near to where I live. It’s 3 days a week. And the government may pay for the fees. So as long as that is possible and I can book a flexible place at my son’s outside school hours care facility, I could start in February.

So, this week I will be checking out all the things I need in place, to be able to commit to the course. And see if it is possible. Continue reading