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Don’t delude yourself that’s it’s ‘good’ – if you choose to be neutral in the case of abuse ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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I see people believing they are ‘good people’ for choosing not to take sides in a matter of abuse.

I see people believing they are peacekeepers.

I see people thinking they are showing compassion to both parties.


It’s a load of crap and I see straight through it.

These attitudes of remaining ‘neutral’ are simply self serving, cowardly acts of choosing the easy road that creates the least issues to self.

If you choose to remain neutral – you are by default taking the side of the abuser. You are aiding the abuser. You are harming the victim.

Even if you won’t believe this, it is true.

One thing I have learned in life

more than anything else

– is humanity’s deep capacity

to believe their own lies,

their own bullshit and delude themselves

with all manner of excuses

and rationalisations.

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Not All Wounds Heal ~ Lilly Hope Lucario

There are some wounds that may never heal and I am at peace with this now.

The child sexual abuse I endured as a child, was the worst abuse I endured – as in the life long, deep, core wounds impact. Especially knowing my own mother was complicit in it. That has created deep wounds I will never recover from.



Abuse survivors, are often made to feel like all wounds ‘have’ to be healed. But, I don’t believe that.

Some people will heal all wounds, and some won’t. That’s the reality. And there is no shame in that, no matter what others say.

But, I am determined that despite the wounds that aren’t healing and likely won’t…. I am still creating a life for myself, that has joy, love, fun, purpose and meaning.

I liken this to someone who loses limbs. Their life is never the same and there are some things they will never be capable of…. but their life can still be a good life, with many areas of their life being wonderful.

I deal with reality and the reality is – for some people not all wounds will heal. And demanding all abuse survivors heal all wounds, simply shames some – that won’t achieve that unreasonable expectation.

More insights, I have come to realise, on my own journey.

And if anyone wants to suggest that is ‘not good enough’ – they can take a hike!

Because I don’t let anyone shame me.

Not anymore.

~ Lilly Hope Lucario

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